Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LaFemme Vintage – A Retrospective


In 2002, three sisters with a personal obsession for thrift store clothing stepped out in their vintage boots, grabbed some racks and turned their hobby into a full-fledged fashion force. 

Space #3270 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market served as the launching point for this now robust and ever-expanding vintage empire. They changed their name from Viva La Vintage to LaFemme Vintage in and expanded their treasure to showings across Southern California as well as Etsy.com. They still personally sell their wares at the Rose Bowl Flea Market where it all began, and the sisters host ‘By Appointment Only’ visits to their showroom in Long Beach, CA.

The sisters – Kat, Desiree and Scarlet – hand select each item and see it through from acquisition to sale. Scarlet is creative, quirky and playful. Desiree is ethereal, romantic and ultra feminine. Kat is laid back and experimental. They learn and inspire from one another with every piece they bring in.

LaFemme Vintage style is heavily influenced by the 1940-1980s fashion scenes, but pieces that are well tailored, fabulously embellished and effortlessly cool will make it into their collection, regardless of era. The sisters’ individual styles are all representative of the LaFemme Vintage woman.

MWN Model: Lauren Jensen
Photographer: Christian Cabrales
Dress for Sale Nov 2011

Model: Stephanie Angulo
Skirt & Necklace for Sale

Model: Vanessa Fernandes
Dress & Belt for Sale Nov 2011

MWN Model: Alysha Bayer
Necklace for Sale Nov 2011
Dress for Sale
About the Sisters
Kathleen, the eldest of the sisters, oversees the business side of LaFemme Vintage, manages inventory and the Vintage Showroom and is the voice behind their social media – Facebook & Twitter. A graduate of Cal State Fullerton and FIDM, she has her degree in Merchandise Marketing and was a merchandise buyer for premium denim company, AG Jeans for 3 years.

Desiree, the middle sister, manages the assortment for the Online Store and is the head merchandise buyer and stylist for LaFemme Vintage. Prior to that, she dedicated 6 years at Nordstrom, where she received numerous sales recognitions for her excellence. She then became Inventory Manager for AG Jeans retail stores division nationwide.

Scarlet, the youngest of the 3, is the creative, youthful force behind LaFemme Vintage, and assists in road shows, merchandise buying and styling. She was at Nordstrom for 4 years and also received numerous sales recognition for her successful selling. She is now finishing up her degree at Cal State LA to pursue her degree in becoming a teacher.

Rambo, their fuzzy gray Pomeranian Poodle serves as their best accessory. You can find him lounging at their Vintage Sales events and he often sneaks into shots at photo shoots!

Photoshoot by LaFemme Vintage is a short video by Matthew Riley Alcorn that documents our first professional photoshoot by Jana Williams. The video gives you a sense of the style and personality behind our brand. The music from Vivaldi’s Concerto Alla Rustica highlights the whimsical and energetic evening and gives a unique complement to our vintage collection. 

Dress for Sale Nov 2011
Dress for Sale Nov 2011
Necklace for Sale

Jumper & Necklace for Sale Nov 2011

Dress Summer 2011 Collection

Item for Sale Nov 2011

Blouse for Sale Nov 2011
Boots for Sale

LaFemme Vintage boasts an archive of more than 300 pieces at their Long Beach showroom all ready for purchase.  The sisters take prime pieces out for sale and exhibition at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and they recently showcased their Fall Preview at the latest Downtown L.A. Art Walk on Oct. 13, 2011. Art Walk clients received a complimentary hand painted accessory from body artist Sara Jennine of Haute Body Couture with their purchase. (http://downtownartwalk.org)

Thanksgiving weekend, LaFemme Vintage will be hosting Space 15 Twenty’s weekly Flea Market which features vintage clothes, accessories, local designers, music, arts, crafts, and more in the courtyard of Space 15 Twenty’s retail setting (http://space15twenty.com).

Aside from these two exciting new ventures, LaFemme is also thrilled to finally launch an E-Commerce Store and blog. Items will be available for purchase late Fall 2011 and the blog should be released soon afterward. The blog will provide a more personal look into LaFemme Vintage, the sisters, and the life that inspires them.

And while the sales never stop, neither does the hunting and gathering. LaFemme Vintage constantly picks up new pieces ensuring they stay in season, in style and in your closet every day of the year.



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