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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ask Joey: Modeling Is About Being Versatile

What's happening!

Eric Sanchez

I am new to modeling. I have worked on some print projects including Umbro and Dickies. I love High Fashion. I am looking for representation. Any feedback would be grateful.

You have a nice look, but you have the same type of expression in all your photos. The clothes change, but the look is always the same. Modeling is about being versatile.

Images Couture

We look forward to your assistance and point of view. Please look at our images; we look forward to your evaluation of our work.

In your ModelWire Network "About Me", you say that you are fashion and editorial photographers and it very clear in your portfolio that you are. Kudos that you know what direction you need to focus on.

The only thing I can say is you don't use much movement in your photos. It is all very staged. There is no life in your photos. Either it's your direction or it is the caliber of models you are using. I would try to work with different models and get more movement in your photos.

Zzurek Jerron

I've been Modeling for almost two years now and I'm ready to get signed, it's my passion. I've been mainly doing Fashion shows and I love them. Really all I ask is for your feedback and what I need to do to make it to that Next Step in Modeling, getting signed.

Although, you show a lot of skin in your portfolio, it seems right for the market you live in. Miami is a perfect place for you to be and there are a lot of agencies there. You seem like the perfect guy for Miami and you should have no problems getting agencies to have a meeting with you.

The strongest part of your portfolio is your range of expression.

Aña Monique Photography

I wanted to know how I can go about shooting for agencies in NY? Is my book strong enough? www.anamoniquephotography.com

You are in the right location for the type of photography you are pursuing. I like what I am seeing from your portfolio. My only advice would be to hook up with agencies for test shoots. It is all about networking, so start the process.

Overall your portfolio has a nice feeling. I don't like the bathing suit photos as much as I like your other photos. You get a lot of feeling out of your models, which is great.

Chanel Rene

I would love for you to review my portfolio(s) www.chanelrene.com and of course MWN.

Your work is decent and you seem to be heading in the right direction. In a previous message to me, you said you are testing with Elite, Hollywood Model Management, LA Models, Models International, Next, BMG, Envy. That is great and the way to go!

My only advice would to be to continue shooting and work with a higher caliber of models.

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Relax and be thankful!

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ask Joey: They Don’t Like Your Look

What's happening!

Here's my stab at answering six questions:


I actually need advice about how to get into the whole modeling industry. I live in NYC and have tried several agencies, but they all want someone experienced and I'm not. Where to start?

If these are the photos you are presenting to the agencies, I understand why they are telling you need more experience. It is a nice way of telling you they don't like your look.

Your photos do not look natural. You are trying too hard to be a high fashion model. And it is not working. Do a shoot more like the girl next door.

Cedric Armand

I can definitely use the support. I'm originally from Mississippi. Currently, I reside in Atlanta and am non-exclusive with The Talent Group in Miami.

I think you are a great looking guy and I like your photos.

Assuming that you are six foot or taller, you should find no problem finding an agency to represent you in Atlanta. There are plenty of agencies and from what I hear it is viable working market.

Thank you so much to take a look my profile....does something need to be improved on my profile....??? I need your advice...

What kind of modeling do you want to do? That is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Right now, all I see is sexy photos of you. Get more of a variety in your portfolio.

I would love to get into commercial print modeling. However, it seems that most reputable agencies still have a height requirement in their commercial divisions. I read online that agencies who sign short/petite models are frequently a scam. Is it realistic to pursue commercial print modeling at my height? Is it easier to get work abroad?

I also read in your response that you recommended models going into commercial print to have a background in acting with a film and television focus. Is it possible to be a commercial print model and not do TV commercials or films?

Do you know of any good agencies in the Philadelphia area?

There are no height requirements in commercial, print modeling, or TV commercials for that matter. If they continue with that excuse, then they do not like your look and they are gently letting you down.

When it comes to scam agencies, there will always be those out there. That is why it is very important to research every agency you come across. A tell-tale sign is when they want to charge you for all pics, cards, and everything else publicity-wise all up front.

As far as acting goes for commercial print modeling, every actor and actress is a print model or a potential commercial print model - do you think they would turn down a job? That is why I say every print model needs to have acting as a background. Commercial modeling is very competitive, the more skills you have, better.

There are a lot of agencies in Philadelphia. Go to ModelWire Fashion Directory to find a local agency for you. Going abroad is out of the question. They have their own commercial models that already speak the language. The exception would be fashion models.


I would love some feedback as to whether modeling is a good direction for my look, and also what market you think would work with my look. I currently live in Canada, and get mixed reactions from agencies over here. Some say I am very commercial, and then the commercial agencies advised that I am too high fashion. I am not sure which direction to market myself.

Personally, I don't think you are the commercial type at all. You are more high fashion editorial. Stay focused on the fashion end of modeling.

As far as working in the Unites States, at this time it is very hard to secure a working visa. I would stay in Canada and build up your portfolio.

There are plenty of agencies in Toronto or Montreal; they will have all the contacts that you would need in order to work in the United States.

As for improving your portfolio, I have noticed you have only one expression in your photos. How about smiling every once in a while?

I want modeling jobs in Michigan. How do I get them?

I don't believe there is a very big market for models in Michigan, maybe Detroit.

If you are serious about modeling, why don't you try Chicago?

Once again: People, you need to fill out your sizes and stats. My answers can be more specific if I see them and agencies won't take you serious if you don't do this.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ask Joey: You Need to Focus

What's happening!

My Inbox keeps growing and I love it. Here are the questions that I responded to this week:

Jason Schulz

Would love your feedback on my profile.

To be honest, you are all over the place. There is no theme to your book. As it is right, now I don't know what you want or want to say or what area of photography you want work in.

We can see that you are having fun, but if I was to book you for a job, I wouldn't know what to book you for. Clients book photographers because they are specialized in different styles of photography.

For instance, if I was booking a fashion shoot, I would go for someone who mainly shoots fashion. If I was booking a landscape shoot, I would book a landscape photographer. If I was booking a commercial shoot, I would go with a commercial photographer. And so forth.

You have to focus, choose an area that you enjoy shooting and work on it.

I am a photographer based in the DC metro area. I am trying to work with fashion industry, but it is very hard to find where to start. www.photographyjun.com I would be really happy for any comment.

When I look at your ModelWire Network portfolio, it does not compare to what you have on your website. Your website is fabulous and it really shows off how talented you really are.

My favorite book of yours is Book III. It really shows that you can shoot beauty, which if I was a client, I would absolutely book you for. Your fashion photos; although they are beautiful, the clothes are getting lost in the beauty of the picture. When you take a photo, you need to answer these three questions:

  • Are you selling the dress?
  • Are you selling the model?
  • Are you selling the mood?

When shooting fashion, you need the clothing to be front and center. Your current portfolio shows that you shoot beautiful pictures, but you have to find a way to make a stronger fashion statement in your photos.

I think you are very talented and you should find a rep in your area that has connections in Miami and in New York.

Do you think I can even be an agency model?

From the photos that you have up on your ModelWire Network profile, it is hard to say. Your look is more editorial, but unfortunately, according to your sizes and stats, you don't have the height requirement that most fashion agencies want.

Could you look at our website and tell me what you think of it? It's not finished yet, but if I could get some feedback, that would be great: www.uniquedefinition.com

To be honest, I am not the really qualified to comment on a clothing line or a website. You should really be talking to a web designer and someone from the garment business.

I really do like your website, design-wise; it is impressive and I personally like the clothes you are offering, but you are not offering much. If this is your line, it feels very limited.

I would be interested in feedback from you. You can take a look at more images at www.jamiaeaton.com

I can't give you a lot of feedback because it is hard to tell from your shoe size what your other sizes are. I need to know your sizes in order give you advice. According to your website, you seem to be well represented. In fact, both of your agents are on ModelWire.

At this point, I can only tell you to upload more photos of you onto your ModelWire Network account. And get on your agents to send you out more.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ask Joey: Put Some Clothes On

What's happening!
This week I was on a roll and answered five questions.
I would love to get as much input as possible on my portfolio, etc. I do have a question. Which photo would you recommend I use for my main photo here & on my comp card?
Don't touch your main photo, I really like it. It really shows off your eyes, lips, hair, and skin.
As for your portfolio, it is a strong fashion portfolio, but according to your sizes and stats your height is 5'7". Traditionally, fashion models need to be 5'9" or taller. Models at 5'7" should be focused on commercial print, and there are not many commercial prints in your portfolio.
You need to figure out what you want out of your career. I believe you need to focus more on the commercial side.
By the way, this photo is great and needs to be in your top five photos:

It would be awesome if you could tell me what I can do better.
I think your portfolio is wonderful. You have everything you would need to show diversity. Unless you don't look that way or come off completely different in person, I don't see why you don't have an agent.
Personally I would use this photo as your main photo.
It is a bit stylized, but I think it really shows you.

I would at least place these kinds of photos in your top five photos / comp card.
Feel positive. From what I am looking at, you are ready for an agent, plus you live in NYC. So get out there and start interviewing. And if you have done a ton of interviews with no bite, then look more closely at your personality.

Could make only experience within Germany, Italy and Spain, however, would attain with pleasure further out and also on this whiteness good photographers and references. My aspiration is it good maybe also top model to become if I correspond claims!
To be honest I had a hard time understanding your question, but I am going to give it a try.
It says in your profile that you live in Germany, so I would start there before becoming a global model. There are tons of agencies in Germany; take advantage of that. Focus on the following cities as they have the biggest markets: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf.
If I were you, I would find the agencies in those cities. Send them your photos, make an appointment, and let them evaluate you to see if you have what it takes to be a model.

I would love for you to review my portfolio and let me know what improvements I need to do to get more bookings for print and runway.
Let me be honest, your photos are too sexy.
There is a market for swimsuit and lingerie ads, but the biggest market is for fashion and that involves formal wear, business attire, and sportswear. If I were casting for a fashion photo shoot, according to your portfolio I wouldn't cast you. For a swimsuit shoot, you would be at the top of my list.
Make yourself more diversified and in return you make yourself more marketable.

Should I quit? Or keep taking pics and hope for the best?
I think you should keep trying, but just like my advice for Rochelle, "You need to put some clothes on." You have a great body and it shows throughout your portfolio, but I can't tell what you would look like with clothes on.
If you are serious, you will take more fashion photos. Fashion is where the money is -- that is why it is called fashion modeling -- so put some clothes on and take more photos.

Hope this was helpful for you all. Best of luck!
In the meantime…
Have a successful day!

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