Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ask Joey: They Don’t Like Your Look

What's happening!

Here's my stab at answering six questions:


I actually need advice about how to get into the whole modeling industry. I live in NYC and have tried several agencies, but they all want someone experienced and I'm not. Where to start?

If these are the photos you are presenting to the agencies, I understand why they are telling you need more experience. It is a nice way of telling you they don't like your look.

Your photos do not look natural. You are trying too hard to be a high fashion model. And it is not working. Do a shoot more like the girl next door.

Cedric Armand

I can definitely use the support. I'm originally from Mississippi. Currently, I reside in Atlanta and am non-exclusive with The Talent Group in Miami.

I think you are a great looking guy and I like your photos.

Assuming that you are six foot or taller, you should find no problem finding an agency to represent you in Atlanta. There are plenty of agencies and from what I hear it is viable working market.

Thank you so much to take a look my profile....does something need to be improved on my profile....??? I need your advice...

What kind of modeling do you want to do? That is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Right now, all I see is sexy photos of you. Get more of a variety in your portfolio.

I would love to get into commercial print modeling. However, it seems that most reputable agencies still have a height requirement in their commercial divisions. I read online that agencies who sign short/petite models are frequently a scam. Is it realistic to pursue commercial print modeling at my height? Is it easier to get work abroad?

I also read in your response that you recommended models going into commercial print to have a background in acting with a film and television focus. Is it possible to be a commercial print model and not do TV commercials or films?

Do you know of any good agencies in the Philadelphia area?

There are no height requirements in commercial, print modeling, or TV commercials for that matter. If they continue with that excuse, then they do not like your look and they are gently letting you down.

When it comes to scam agencies, there will always be those out there. That is why it is very important to research every agency you come across. A tell-tale sign is when they want to charge you for all pics, cards, and everything else publicity-wise all up front.

As far as acting goes for commercial print modeling, every actor and actress is a print model or a potential commercial print model - do you think they would turn down a job? That is why I say every print model needs to have acting as a background. Commercial modeling is very competitive, the more skills you have, better.

There are a lot of agencies in Philadelphia. Go to ModelWire Fashion Directory to find a local agency for you. Going abroad is out of the question. They have their own commercial models that already speak the language. The exception would be fashion models.


I would love some feedback as to whether modeling is a good direction for my look, and also what market you think would work with my look. I currently live in Canada, and get mixed reactions from agencies over here. Some say I am very commercial, and then the commercial agencies advised that I am too high fashion. I am not sure which direction to market myself.

Personally, I don't think you are the commercial type at all. You are more high fashion editorial. Stay focused on the fashion end of modeling.

As far as working in the Unites States, at this time it is very hard to secure a working visa. I would stay in Canada and build up your portfolio.

There are plenty of agencies in Toronto or Montreal; they will have all the contacts that you would need in order to work in the United States.

As for improving your portfolio, I have noticed you have only one expression in your photos. How about smiling every once in a while?

I want modeling jobs in Michigan. How do I get them?

I don't believe there is a very big market for models in Michigan, maybe Detroit.

If you are serious about modeling, why don't you try Chicago?

Once again: People, you need to fill out your sizes and stats. My answers can be more specific if I see them and agencies won't take you serious if you don't do this.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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