Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ask Joey: Modeling Is About Being Versatile

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Eric Sanchez

I am new to modeling. I have worked on some print projects including Umbro and Dickies. I love High Fashion. I am looking for representation. Any feedback would be grateful.

You have a nice look, but you have the same type of expression in all your photos. The clothes change, but the look is always the same. Modeling is about being versatile.

Images Couture

We look forward to your assistance and point of view. Please look at our images; we look forward to your evaluation of our work.

In your ModelWire Network "About Me", you say that you are fashion and editorial photographers and it very clear in your portfolio that you are. Kudos that you know what direction you need to focus on.

The only thing I can say is you don't use much movement in your photos. It is all very staged. There is no life in your photos. Either it's your direction or it is the caliber of models you are using. I would try to work with different models and get more movement in your photos.

Zzurek Jerron

I've been Modeling for almost two years now and I'm ready to get signed, it's my passion. I've been mainly doing Fashion shows and I love them. Really all I ask is for your feedback and what I need to do to make it to that Next Step in Modeling, getting signed.

Although, you show a lot of skin in your portfolio, it seems right for the market you live in. Miami is a perfect place for you to be and there are a lot of agencies there. You seem like the perfect guy for Miami and you should have no problems getting agencies to have a meeting with you.

The strongest part of your portfolio is your range of expression.

Aña Monique Photography

I wanted to know how I can go about shooting for agencies in NY? Is my book strong enough?

You are in the right location for the type of photography you are pursuing. I like what I am seeing from your portfolio. My only advice would be to hook up with agencies for test shoots. It is all about networking, so start the process.

Overall your portfolio has a nice feeling. I don't like the bathing suit photos as much as I like your other photos. You get a lot of feeling out of your models, which is great.

Chanel Rene

I would love for you to review my portfolio(s) and of course MWN.

Your work is decent and you seem to be heading in the right direction. In a previous message to me, you said you are testing with Elite, Hollywood Model Management, LA Models, Models International, Next, BMG, Envy. That is great and the way to go!

My only advice would to be to continue shooting and work with a higher caliber of models.

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Relax and be thankful!

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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