Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ask Joey: You Need to Focus

What's happening!

My Inbox keeps growing and I love it. Here are the questions that I responded to this week:

Jason Schulz

Would love your feedback on my profile.

To be honest, you are all over the place. There is no theme to your book. As it is right, now I don't know what you want or want to say or what area of photography you want work in.

We can see that you are having fun, but if I was to book you for a job, I wouldn't know what to book you for. Clients book photographers because they are specialized in different styles of photography.

For instance, if I was booking a fashion shoot, I would go for someone who mainly shoots fashion. If I was booking a landscape shoot, I would book a landscape photographer. If I was booking a commercial shoot, I would go with a commercial photographer. And so forth.

You have to focus, choose an area that you enjoy shooting and work on it.

I am a photographer based in the DC metro area. I am trying to work with fashion industry, but it is very hard to find where to start. I would be really happy for any comment.

When I look at your ModelWire Network portfolio, it does not compare to what you have on your website. Your website is fabulous and it really shows off how talented you really are.

My favorite book of yours is Book III. It really shows that you can shoot beauty, which if I was a client, I would absolutely book you for. Your fashion photos; although they are beautiful, the clothes are getting lost in the beauty of the picture. When you take a photo, you need to answer these three questions:

  • Are you selling the dress?
  • Are you selling the model?
  • Are you selling the mood?

When shooting fashion, you need the clothing to be front and center. Your current portfolio shows that you shoot beautiful pictures, but you have to find a way to make a stronger fashion statement in your photos.

I think you are very talented and you should find a rep in your area that has connections in Miami and in New York.

Do you think I can even be an agency model?

From the photos that you have up on your ModelWire Network profile, it is hard to say. Your look is more editorial, but unfortunately, according to your sizes and stats, you don't have the height requirement that most fashion agencies want.

Could you look at our website and tell me what you think of it? It's not finished yet, but if I could get some feedback, that would be great:

To be honest, I am not the really qualified to comment on a clothing line or a website. You should really be talking to a web designer and someone from the garment business.

I really do like your website, design-wise; it is impressive and I personally like the clothes you are offering, but you are not offering much. If this is your line, it feels very limited.

I would be interested in feedback from you. You can take a look at more images at

I can't give you a lot of feedback because it is hard to tell from your shoe size what your other sizes are. I need to know your sizes in order give you advice. According to your website, you seem to be well represented. In fact, both of your agents are on ModelWire.

At this point, I can only tell you to upload more photos of you onto your ModelWire Network account. And get on your agents to send you out more.

In the meantime…

Have a successful day!


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