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Friday, December 20, 2013

ASK JOEY: Plan Ahead for the New Year!

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, it's a good time to make plans for all you hope to accomplish in 2014. If you've been thinking about getting into acting class, sign up! If you need to update your portfolio, make some calls or reach out to your fellow MWN to collaborate in the new year. Everyone will come back in January refreshed and ready for change, so it's a great time to get creative and renew excitement in your pursuit of modeling. For many of you, I suggest adding more variety and looks (I'm not talking your clothes, I'm talking about your face!) into your portfolio, and now's a great time to get the ball rolling.

If there is any way you could look at my pictures and tell me what you think, I'd deeply appreciate it.
You photograph well but you only have one look in your pictures. You are too small for fashion, so you will have to pursue TV and commercial print work. I would suggest working on your book to get a bit more variety in your shots. Commercial models have to have a lot of options in their photos.

I'm just starting out with modeling - I started out as a fashion photographer and then got interested in modeling. I have so much passion for this and would love to be in runway shows and also work for huge brands. I would really appreciate any advice on how to get started and make it big in the industry.
Your portfolio is very artistic, but I don't think the shots "sell." You also have the same look in all of the photos. I think you definitely need to get a bit more variety in your shots. Try catching up with a photographer who's work you like on MWN. At 5'11, you have a good look and you may find a fashion agent that will sign you. (You are bordering on the height for fashion v. commercial.)
I would really appreciate some productive criticism on my portfolio with changes that could help further my career goals. I hope all is well and look forward to hearing your feedback.
You have the height for fashion but your portfolio needs a little work. You only have a few shots where you are looking into camera, so I'm missing that connection. You DEFINITELY need to have one shot where you are looking to camera on your comp card and within your top 5 MWN photos. If someone is flipping through and doesn't see that variety, they could pass you over.
I am a new up-and-coming model. I currently have no representation and live in a very small town in Texas where trying to find modeling jobs is somewhat difficult. I have heard many wonderful things about you and was wondering if you could give me some sort of advice on how to better pursue my dream as a model.
You are definitely a TV and commercial type model, so you need to have an acting background. Get into some local classes if they are available. You also need to get a commercial agent in Dallas or Houston for starters. Page Parkes is a good place to start in Texas. She can hook you up with class information and recommendations on headshot photographers.
I live in San Francisco and have done a few print jobs. I want to do more and get recognized. What should I do?
You have a great smile but your pictures are all kind of the same. You are also a TV and commercial type, so you will need acting class/experience if you don't already have it. I would suggest starting there, as well as incorporating a bit more variety into your portfolio. There are a lot of MWN members in the Bay Area who would probably love to collaborate with you to help build your portfolio.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Monday, December 9, 2013

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

Meet our featured members for the month of December! We hope 2013 was a successful year for everyone, and that 2014 is even better! If you would like to be considered as a future featured member, please email us at featured@modelwirenetwork.com. If you are interested in working with any of our featured members, you can contact them through their ModelWire Network profiles.

Nick Sabatalo is a 21 year old American model born in St. Simons Island, Georgia. He attended Ohio State University studying Business Marketing. 

Nick moved to Los Angeles last March to pursue his dream of modeling. A few weeks later, he was signed by his first LA agency and was walking in LA Fashion Week.

In May, Nick went international and modeled in Seoul, Korea for two months. Following that, he traveled to Italy and spent two months modeling in Milan.

Modeling has helped Nick discover a love of fashion and design, and he is currently working on his men's designer jean line, Forever Young (inspired by his first tattoo "Forever Young"). He plans to continue to pursue modeling and, with the help of his new manager, White Cross Productions, he will begin working on his craft as an actor in Los Angeles.

Nick also has a modeling blog at www.MyModelMentor.com that is meant to serve as a resource for young models and offers advice in the areas of modeling, fitness, nutrition, and fashion. 

Who is your favorite model of all time?
My favorite model of all time is  my good friend from high school, Taylor Kraemer. She's the reason I decided to model in the first place. I love her!
What inspires you?
I'm inspired by the desire to do what I love every day; I love being in front of the camera and I especially love getting back the final pics from a shoot. It's like being "immortalized" in that moment and those photos will be there forever. For me, it's the closest thing to immortality, but I'm still holding out hope that vampires are real!
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
Chemistry is everything between a photographer and a model. It's the only way to get a great shot! I could shoot with the best photographer in the world and if we aren't "vibing" and on the same page with each other's visions, then the best we can do is "good" and good just doesn't cut it in this industry. That's why I swear my best photos come from photographers who are my friends.
What is your favorite project that you have worked on?
My favorite project I've worked on was my shoot for Chronos Magazine in Korea. I love watches, and my favorite brand is Patek Philippe, but you could by a BMW for the price of their cheapest watch, so being able to wear one for the shoot was pretty cool. The team was also great and I actually became great friends with the editor of the magazine and the stylist. We still keep in touch. That's what I love about this industry - meeting new people and building relationships.
What is your personal style?
My style is pretty chill since I've moved to LA. Skinny-straight fit jeans and a v-neck with my brown leather bomber jacket is pretty typical, but I like to stand out with a pair of fashion-forward shoes. Right now my purple Cole Haans are getting a lot of compliments. Here's the think about fashion that I live by - less is more, but have one item that you want to shine!
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
My favorite song is Forever Young, and I like the version from Alphaville the best. Great quotes from the song: "Youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever," and "Let us die young or let us live forever." 
Born in 1988, and after living in Mexico, Kentucky, and Texas, Jhonnatan and his family finally settled in Chicago. During grade school, he found that his biggest passions in life were music and art. He began college at 16, and during that time, started to get a better understanding of himself and his own work. Jhonnatan does not like having anything between his emotions and his work. He's been painting under his own techniques in abstract expressionism and has been working on perfecting it. Going into his third year of college, he decided to fully pursue photography and design on his won. He has started his own creative consulting company and is founder and editor of his own publication. Jhonnatan would like to admit that he's one of the coolest editors out there, but does confess that he has such complex grammar, that it automatically disqualifies him as cool. He always has a sense of nostalgia in his work. He also feels an almost obsessive need to juxtapose and contrast. Black and white over color any day!

Why photography?
We're the real life time travelers. We have these awesome little time machines that allow us to stop time and capture it. Sometimes I feel like a superhero when I do a good job.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
It's almost impossible to select just one photographer. There have been so many that have influenced me on so many levels. I do remember 3 photographers in specific that have had a major impact. The first is Ansel Adams - my dad loves him. Another is Herb Ritts. Although I didn't know until years later who he was, it was his True Blue series of Madonna that I felt so enamored by. (My mom loves Madonna.) Last but not least, Annie Liebovitz. It was during college that I discovered her work. I was struck by it. The impact was such that I felt I really understood the level of intimacy she created between us, her work, and her subject. It's so personal and intimate but doesn't leave anyone exposed. I also obsess with movement in photography and Margie Gillis by Annie Leibovitz in "Torn Roots, Broken Branches" hits the spot.
What inspires you?
Anything and everything, sometimes even nothing. I'm pretty observant and my mind is always running at a million miles per hour, so I'm always getting inspired. I think in this case, what motivates me is my purpose as an artist, which is having something to say and inspiring others to do the same. As to what I have to say? Many things. 
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
A good model is always pretty versatile and you can almost never guess who or how he/she really is, they're that good. The best models though, are pretty versatile but you can always tell who and how they really are. They're very transparent and they use their personality to connect with the photographer. I always try to achieve a level of intimacy between my work and the model. Usually, I try to determine who I can do that with by the expression in their eyes. That's why the first thing I look at is a model's eyes. Depending on the client and the project, poise and elegance will never be out of style.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
Aside from leading FRAMED Magazine, recently I shot for The Weeks, who opened up for Kings of Leon at an almost private concert at the House of Blues this past October. Just think about it - awesome music, shooting photography, and hanging out with the band! 
What is your personal style?
I have to wear black all the time, mostly black. I'm in love with the darker and edgier clothes, like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester and Kris Van Assche. And no, not that I'm of the punk culture or because I'm gothic, it's more of a uniform type of thing. I would say my style is edgy/tailored/casual/minimalist? I'm usually wearing dark jeans and a black button-up shirt with a decent number of rings and bracelets. I used to wear ankle boots most of the time, but they can be hard to work in, so you'll sometimes see me in Vans or combat boots. I dress up from time to time, but since I can't find the right jacket for me, I'm designing my own!
What genre does your work focus on?
Although I see the need to be versatile, my work is definitely not commercial. I feel commercial work restricts me. I'm aiming more towards high fashion and live/concert photography at the moment. I also like to consider that my portraiture work is strictly artistic.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
I don't think I have just one. I usually use music to get into character for a particular project. Being classically trained in music and having experience writing and arranging, I have been able to really focus more on generating playlists that speak to me. My all-time favorite genres are Southern rock, trip hop and French house.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
Kind of ironic, being the one responsible for all the fashion direction and production, and I had a failed wardrobe. I was interning for a professional business network, during which I was responsible for the fashion production of a corporate event. After the show was done, we were at the step and repeat for photographs and I was wearing a smaller sized blazer that one of the photographers decided to come closer to 'style' us out and tried to button my blazer... It wouldn't close.
Qriystyl (Ms. Brown) is a professional Makeup and Hair Artist from Harlem, New York. She approaches each project with the meticulous eye of a true stylist, who's inspiration and creativity arose from watching her incredible parents. 

She is available for Print, Runway, Commercials, Editorial, Weddings, Special Events, Makeup Parties, and more. 

"When you leave my chair, you leave not only looking incredible, but you leave with a smile on your face, a memory of my infectious laugh, and the positivity from my spirit." - Qriystyl

Sylvia J. Stankowski started her career in the Upper Mid-West. She graduated Costmetology School in May 2011, and though her career is fresh, she has had the passion, drive, and skill to take her places beyond where others have gone within the same amount of time in the industry. Her love of art has cast her on a journey beginning as a small girl, always with a pencil and a pad of paper at her side, to where she has landed today, freelancing as a Hair Designer in Las Vegas. She has traveled a road of fashion shows in Minneapolis, events and photoshoots all over Wisconsin and into Chicago, lookbook shoots, photo and filming projects in Vegas and more. Her two most notable achievements in Las Vegas, since her arrival in June, have been Hair Designer for all 12 ladies featured in the internationally distributed Coyote Ugly 2014 Calendar, and hair desginer for celebrity rap artist, Charli Baltimore. Sylvia's work has been featured in many fashion and beauty magazines, her newest accolade beign a featured hair expert for Seek.Me Magazine, developing hair tutorials for their readers.
With a true love for shape and form, Sylvia's focus is in the Beauty and Fashion Industry, where she meticulously creates her signature design styles for models and performers, as well as creating the perfect hairstyles for special events. She specializes in classic Hollywood glam styles, as well as stylized editorial and high fashion looks. Her utter joy in her work is apparent in the experience you have with her, not only because she is creating, but because of her love of meeting and working with new people.

Andrea Igreja is a freelance fashion/wardrobe stylist in San Francisco. She has experience fitting and styling models for photo shoots, agency portfolios and producing fashion shows.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

John Dye Makeup Artist's CHEAP Makeup MUST-HAVES! (And tips on how to use them!)

Sarah Marshall Photography
If you know me, or follow my stuff, you know I'm alllllllll about the affordable lines of makeup. I believe women spend oodles of money on makeup at high end stores for one simple yet obvious reason---------> they want to look and feel pretty... Well John Dye is here to tell you, you will look JUST as pretty with makeup at lower price points... Its not about the paint when you paint a picture, its how you apply that paint to the canvas to make a beautiful piece of artwork.. The same is true for cosmetics.... Just because you bought a SUPER expensive designer line, doesn't mean its going to make you "that much more" beautiful than drugstore lines.... In my world conquest of everything makeup, I have stumbled on a cheap few goodies that I just CAN'T live without..... So I thought I'd share them with you my loves :) Here ya go my gorgeous gals! All of the models that you see in this piece are wearing these products so you get an idea of how GREAT they can look.. :)
East Hill Photo

1. Elf's Highlighting Blush and Bronzer compact- $3.00 USD

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Its only 3 freggin bucks, and its magical... You get a great bronzer, which again girls, goes where the sun would naturally hit you... Cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.... And it can be used for cheek contouring, but ALWAYS make sure to BLEND your contour lines out so you don't look like a dirty sailor with a five o clock shadow or a dirty neighborhood child playing in the mud... The blush is AMAZING for highlighting cheekbones.. Gives a soft but natural glow/highlight to cheeks, and remember to always brush up and out on the bone itself, NOT in circular motions on the apples of cheeks (that makes you look ROUND faced). Available at Target and Walmart.
Lovabelle Photography

2. Maybelienne Fit Me concealer. $5.49 USD

By far my favorite concealer on the market.. Blends incredibly well and covers even the DARKEST circles under eyes. I have even used it to cover my tattoo's for a photoshoot! The stuff is cheap, doesn't make me breakout, and looks natural and flawless. Use it with a finger or a brush to paint on and blend into the skin... Available everywhere makeup is sold.

3. Maybellienne Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. $6.49 USD

FAV mascara ever.... LOVE the double ended brushes, you have a large fan brush for top lashes and a lil bitty baby comb brush for the bottom lashes... Its amazing and very user friendly. It also lengthens and fattens lashes like a complete and utter dream! Remember to coat BOTH sides of lases by blinking your eyes around the wand.... Available everywhere makeup is sold.

4. Wet and Wild Lipsticks $.99-1.49 USD

Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

I love wet and wild products, especiallllllly their lipsticks. They wear well, look great and are ONLY A DOLLAR! Its a great way to spend a few bucks and get a few varieties of colors, so can play with different tones and looks on your lips. The reds are super red, the pinks soft and amazing.... Available at Walgreens.

5. L.A. Color loose powder highlights. $1.00 USD

I always talk about "highlights" in makeup... Highlights are anything that shine and sparkle... Loose powder highlights are great for dusting over cheekbones, shining up any shadow, and providing a nice POP in the inner corner of the eye.. They have like ten different colors... They are shiny, bright, long-lasting, and provide such a nice POP over flat looking eyeshadows. Available at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

6. Garnier BB Cream. $11.49 USD

Lovabelle Photography

FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT TO COME OUT IN THE LAST 10 YEARS! BB Cream stands for "beauty balm" and what is does for the skin is absolutely incredible. Its five different things in one- coverage, moisturizer, primer, pore filler, and anti aging IN ONE! and it feels and wears like a tinted moisturizer, I SWEAR by this shiz, it really does a great job of making skin look even and airbrushed. Great for girls who don't like to look or feel like they are wearing a lot of makeup... VERY light feeling.. Available wherever makeup is sold.

7. E.L.F. Eyeshadow palettes. $2.00-6.00 USD

Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

My favorite brand of eyeshadow hands down... The pigments are rich, the highlights bright, and wears well and lasts and lasts... Plus, its cheap as hell and a GREAT product! They have many different palettes, some natural, some bright and funky, but they all blend well together. They are very user friendly, because they give you a LOT of options for different looks! Available at Target or Walmart. They even have new and different palettes every Christmas season, and sometimes new ones for different seasons of the year! :)
Roland Moriarty Master Photographer

8. Elf Cosmetic Brushes $1.00-3.00 USD

Why the hell do people spend like 30 to 40 bucks on one damn brush! Brushes simply take the makeup from the packaging to your face... so it doesn't matter if its a 100 dollar brush or your damn fingers! Its also a great way to be clean and hygienic, the brushes are so cheap, just toss um and get new ones every 2 weeks or so :) Available at Target and Walmart.

9. Maybelliene Mineral Power Powder Foundation $8.49 USD

This is like "bare minerals" but BETTER and CHEAPER! I love this product more than ANY other mineral powder I've ever seen or used. I've used it now since it came out, like 7 yrs, and love it more and more every damn year! I thought they had discontinued it, and I fell to pieces LITERALLY. But, for some reason, its the only Maybelliene product Target doesn't stock, you have to get it at drugstores or Walmart... Its . freggin. AMAZING.

Boudoir Photography by Long Hollow Studio

10. L.A. Colors Blush in "Toast" $1.00 USD

Hands down, favorite blush of all time.... somewhere in the middle of red, pink, and a bronzer... Its magical and works incredibly well with a variety of skin tones. Provides a nice natural coloring to the face and cheeks. I use this on everyone!!!! Available at Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.

Once again girls, its not about how much you spend on something...Its about how you APPLY IT! I have YouTube videos if you wanna check um out! Don't be afraid to try new things! Practice in the mirror, practice on your friends! AND DON'T BE AFRAID OF INEXPENSIVE MAKEUP!!!!


"the famous John Dye"

Photography Credits

Master Photographer Roland Moriarty: https://www.facebook.com/Rolandmoriartyphotographs

Sarah Marshall Photography: https://www.facebook.com/SarahMarshallPhotography
Jordan Walker of Lovabelle Photohgraphy: https://www.facebook.com/Lovabelle
Rick Schamberger of East Hill Photo: https://www.facebook.com/EastHillPhoto
Noel Nichols of Boudior Photography by Long Hollow Studio: https://www.facebook.com/PensacolaBoudoirPhotography


John Dye Makeup Artist by Sarah Marshall Photography

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ASK JOEY: Dream Big, Start Small

When you are just starting out in modeling (as with any career), it is important to dream big and be realistic. Chances are, you are not going to sign with a top agency without experience. (I know it CAN happen, but it's definitely the exception and not the rule.) It's always a good idea to start by approaching smaller agencies in the nearest major market to you. You'll want to make sure you have a bit of variety in your photos when submitting for meetings, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on shoot after shoot to get them. Most agencies will have photographers and styles that they like anyway, and chances are, after you sign with an agency, they'll send you out for new photos anyway. Simply make sure that you aren't sending them 5 or 6 photos that look pretty much the same when you submit. Otherwise, you're wasting their time and yours.

I've just moved to Los Angeles and am very interested in doing print ads, commercials and runway. How can I get started with modeling in LA?
You only have one picture, so it's hard to give you too much advice. I can tell you are tall, but without more images, it's hard to tell how your sizes shape up for your body type. I would suggest that the first place to start is getting more pictures. You'll definitely need more in your book in order to get meetings with agents. Reach out to photographers who have photos you like on ModelWire Network and see if they would be interested in working with you. Getting a few more photos in your book is definitely the first place you need to start!
I just started modeling a few months ago, and am really interested in pursuing it as a full-time career. I want to be represented by a big agency, like Ford or Elite. I've been contacted by a number of smaller agencies, but I'm really only interested in the big, well-known and reputable agencies. Do you have any tips/suggestions about how I could go about getting seen by some of the bigger agencies? I know I have more of a commercial look, so I'm not really sure which agents are interested in that in NY since it's mostly focused on fashion.
There are actually more commercial agencies in NYC than fashion. Your book is mostly swimwear, so get some more commercial style shots with more clothing and get competitive! Forget trying to start with a huge agency. Get your foot in the door with a smaller agency. You can always upgrade later, and to me smaller agencies are a great place  for anyone to start.
My pictures here weren't professionally done (they're my senior pictures from last year taken by a friend). I know they aren't anything special, but they're the best I have right now. Could you critique them or tell me your general opinion on them? Are my poses natural? I am interested in modeling but don't know where to start.
You have a great smile! You definitely do need to get pictures by a professional. Invest a little money in hiring a photographer for a shoot or look to see if there is anyone within a reasonable distance to you on MWN who may shoot you for trade. Your sizes are more commercial than fashion, so get some commercial shots and study acting. Go the commercial route and don't let that great smile go to waste!
I would love for you to look at my profile and tell me what aspect of modeling would be good for me and any advice you have about how I should proceed. I'm relatively new to this, but my dreams are to model internationally.
You are definitely a commercial type. Your pictures can be improved upon, just in terms of style - that is not to say that they are bad photos, but they look a bit "senior class photo session," so you want to get some more locations and variety. There are some good agents in the DC area. Try to get some meetings and see what they say. If they are interested, they can set you up with photographers and get you out on auditions.
I am new to this business without much support. Most people say I won't make it. I'm extremely determined, and if you could offer me one piece of advice, what would it be?
You have a nice look. Your sizes are definitely commercial instead of fashion - you don't have the height for fashion. If modeling is really want you want, you want to get to a major market or you will never find out if you can make it or not. I would suggest adding some more variety to your book in terms of photos, definitely along the commercial route, and then try to get meetings with commercial agents in the nearest major market to you. 

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ASK JOEY: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Variety is the spice of life...when it comes to your portfolio/book. If you have a look that can book you commercial work, you MUST make sure that you have a few different types of commercial shots mixed in with fashion. Having all of one and none of the other is a bad idea, no matter what type of modeling career you are pursuing. And, I know I may be harping on this point too much, but acting classes are a good idea for EVERYONE who wants to model. Even the world's top models shoot commercials and film/TV roles, so having that skill in your back pocket is a definite bonus.

I am currently trying to build my portfolio as a petite model/commercial print model and was wondering if you have any advice about doing that? 
You have a great commercial look but definitely need more pictures with different types of wardrobe. Look at commercial ads that you think you might be right for and see what they are wearing. Once you have a few looks (sports type, business woman, young mom, etc...) get some more pictures done. That's what you need to have in your book. As far as agencies, forget "petite" as it doesn't exist anymore. You are commercial print and TV. Look for a good commercial agent, if you don't already have one, and go from there!
I'm relatively new to LA (more of an actress) but as far as modeling, I always thought I had a great look. However, I haven't done well or no one has had much interest in repping me because my bust line is a size D, not exactly great for fashion, but I am here in LA looking for the right fit. What would you suggest?
You have a great look! Forget fashion and play down your body. You have too many "glamour" and Maxim-style shots in your book, so you definitely need more variety. It will help you with your acting submissions and for commercial print.
I've read your blog and appreciate your honesty and advice. I'm new to MWN and currently building my portfolio. Do you have any advice or suggestions for me?
You are very pretty and have a very commercial look. Because of your height, fashion will be out, but you can definitely find success in the commercial market. Aside from a few shots, most of your pictures are too much on the glamorous side for commercial submissions. I would suggest getting a few more relaxed and casual commercial shots added to your book and go from there!
What advice do you have for someone hoping to become a Ford Plus model?
Ford closed their Plus division. It's now called JAG Models. I would suggest, as I often do, acting class. You should also add more professional and commercial shots to your book. Try connecting with some photographers on MWN to see if they would shoot you for trade. It seems as though a few of the pictures in your book are personal snapshots, which you would want to remove for any type of commercial or print submission. If you are going to have non-professional shots, they should be simple, clean, digital style polaroids, where you are against a blank wall and not posing.
I have been trying to break into the business and every agency, including Ford, tells me I have the look, but since I'm a size 4, I'm too big for runway (although I have walked in shows) and am too small for plus. Do you have any advice for me as far as agencies who might have a niche for my size? Any help would be appreciated!
Every TV/Commercial Print agency can be right for you, if you find the perfect fit with an agent who will work hard for you. Acting makes you more "signable" and attractive to most agents when they are looking for new clients to take on. You have a nice look, but you need more photos in your book and more variety. I would suggest adding both some commercial and fashion shots and go from there. See what the agents gravitate to, and find someone who is excited about you.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

ASK JOEY: Where Do I Start?

When you are getting started and looking to build your portfolio, resources like ModelWire Network can become invaluable. When you need to take new photos, but don't have/want to spend a lot of money, reach out to photographers in your area to see if they will work with you for trade! If you're not getting clear feedback from agents, try getting into acting class and expanding your horizons. And if you're not in a major market, try your best to make a plan to get to one. It's harder to make big dreams come true in a small town that doesn't have many opportunities. If modeling and entertainment your passion, and you can't imagine doing anything else, you have to go where the jobs are. It's as simple as that.

I am very interested in furthering my career in the modeling industry and would appreciate any guidance you may have. I'd love for you to review my portfolio.
You have a look for fashion and your book is fashion, but unfortunately you don't have the height. Your best bet at pursuing a modeling career will be by going commercial, otherwise you are spinning your wheels. 
I auditioned for you in Pittsburgh through Barbizon Modeling Agency. You picked me to go through to Washington, DC, however I was unable to go for financial reasons. I have been an aspiring model for years now and am doing all I can to put myself out there. I found you to be a real inspiration and would really appreciate it if you would take a look at my MWN photos. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
I still like your look and the pictures you have on your profile. You didn't list your sizes, particularly your height. If you aren't 5'9" or taller (for fashion), you have a great commercial look. Get yourself to a major market and I'm sure you will have no trouble finding an agent who wants to work with you.
I actually have a few questions... How can I find information related to Fashion Week go sees? Do you have any pointers as to how to gain representation from larger agencies? Is it appropriate to contact designers and ad agencies in an effort to obtain work? And yes, I would love for you to review my pictures. Thank you so much!
I like your look but you live in the middle of nowhere (in terms of market). You need to get to a major market so you can meet with agents. I think it's alright for you to contact whoever you can to obtain work. It's great to have drive and clients love that. As far as material related to Fashion Week for models, it's the agents jobs to get their clients out on go sees. In Florida, I would start with Miami as far as finding an agent and then work your way up to NY. You may be able to find an agent in Miami who has offices or connections in NY and can rep you in both locations.
I have been pursuing modeling for a little while now. I have people in my life who say I have what it takes, but I cannot land one job despite having applied to dozens of agencies. The only agency I have had any lucky with is PUSH Models and I still cannot get any work with them. If you have time, could you look at my portfolio? I know I may get answers I don't want to hear, but at least you'll be honest. So far no one has told me what is so terribly wrong and why I'm not booking. If it's my look, that's unfortunate, but I am willing to do what it takes to change it. If it's my experience, how can I go about getting the appropriate gigs to build my resume? I feel totally stuck.
Your look is definitely very commercial, but all of the photos in your book look pretty much the same. There isn't much life in the pictures and they aren't really fashion OR commercial. I would suggest getting into a commercial acting class to start. You are a pretty young woman who could work commercially. Definitely try acting, and get some more commercial shots for your portfolio. 

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

We love bringing talented members to the forefront each and every month, to highlight the amazing talent that makes up the MWN community. Meet our featured members for the month of November! If you would like to be considered as a future featured member, please email us at featured@modelwirenetwork.com. 

San Francisco beauty Rachel P. is our featured model this month. Check out her MWN profile here.

Anna Dobos is a fashion and portrait photographer and filmmaker who grew up in Hawaii. She went to school in Los Angeles and is currently living and working in London. You can view her MWN profile here and see eve more of her work at www.annadobos.com.

Why photography?
I've always known I'd be an artist, I never really cared what medium I'd end up with. I think I chose photography because it was the most challenging and offered the most instant gratification.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Tim Walker, and lately I've been really into Viviane Sassen.
What inspires you?
Collaborations. Just looking at a great model or interesting clothing sends endless ideas to my brain.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I love things that are otherworldly, beautiful, but also a bit weird or dark. These are qualities I also look for in a model.
What kind of camera/equipment do you use?
I still use my trusty Canon T2i unless I feel a project would benefit from a higher quality camera, in which case, I'll rent. I'm not really a huge equipment junkie.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
That would probably be the Unearthly Creature of a Dream shoot I did with designer Scott Park. It was my first real fashion shoot and collaboration after moving to Los Angeles. So much blood, sweat and tears, but in the end, it was a great time and very much a learning experience.
What is your personal style?
I look a bit like an art school drop out with a job in a really posh area of London (mostly because that's exactly what I am, haha)! 
Mina Dimakis-Lev is a licensed makeup artist and skincare specialist. She has studied with the best in her field and perfected her craft with well known schools such as Christine Valmy, The International Dermal Institute and Tobi Britton's "The Make-Up Shop". She has also worked as a makeup artist for Nars and Estee Lauder from New York City to Boca Raton, Florida and Miami South Beach.

Her expertise in custom blending foundations, helps her to create a natural glowing look for her clients. Her products are top brand names in the cosmetic industry, noncomedogenic and no animal tested. She has created countless of beautiful faces, such as brides, proms, high fashion models and actresses for the past 14 years.

Mina is also available for editorials, videos, and runway.

Why makeup artist?
Ever since I was a little girl, I was drawing and painting. I was always fascinated with color and makeup.
Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
My favorite is Francesca Toloft. I admire her work.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I look for perfect skin and features.
What genre does your work focus on?
Usually beauty.
What product can you not live without?
I love Timezone moisturizer by Estee Lauder.
What inspires you?
Donatella Simone is a hair stylist based in Los Angeles. She first knew she wanted to style hair at age 14, when she met a girl at summer camp who let her change and improve her hair. As an adult, Donatella has practiced advanced training and works hair shows, fashion shows and charity events.

Patrick Aufdenkamp is a wardrobe and celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. He has worked with the likes of Jena Malone, Alicia Witt, Sara Paxton and the Kardashians. Check out more of Patrick's work on his website.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ASK JOEY: It's A Woman's World

I think we can all agree that female models rule the modeling world. For guys, work is harder to come by and typically doesn't pay as much. For this reason, the male models out there will definitely want to look into commercial work, as well as fashion. Make sure that your portfolio has commercial shots and even add a few pictures with women in them as well. Chances are, you'll be booked for work where you're posing with other models anyway, so you might as well prove you've got a knack for it. Having the commercial diversity is especially important for men when your sizes are not typical fashion sizes. Because there are fewer opportunities for men in fashion modeling, sizes become infinitely more important. Opportunities are out there, but guys, you'll have to work even harder if you want to seize them!

I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I really want to model but have been turned down by plenty of agencies because of my height. I'm 5'8" and have been told I have too much of a commercial look. Is there anything you'd recommend for a guy like me to still try to pursue a career in modeling?
You live in the Los Angeles area, so acting and commercials are definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, you are too short for high fashion. But, you are good looking and definitely have the chance to model commercially. Get into acting class, work hard and you can book. You'll notice a lot of print ads feature actors nowadays, so you never know what can happen if you approach it from that angle.

I'm interested in commercial print. How should I get into it?
Definitely get yourself some more pictures and get into an acting class. Make appointments to go see agents. New York is the place to be, and you're lucky enough to live there already. You have a great look and can definitely work commercially, so I would suggest starting with commercial acting classes. A lot of projects book the same talent for both the print and commercial spots, so auditioning for commercials will definitely help you out.
I love high fashion modeling but my main strength and passion is in commercial print. I was wondering what your professional and personal opinion of my portfolio is. All of my pictures from my book aren't up on my MWN profile, but some are. Thoughts or suggestions?
To be honest, you look a bit bored in the pictures you have up on your MWN profile. To work commercially, you'll need some new shots that have more life to them... more energy. I would also suggest, for a little more diversity in your book, to get some shots posing with a female model as well. You're in LA so there will be members on MWN who you can collaborate with for trade, if you don't want to pay to get new shots taken. Try posting a project or connecting with photographers and models through the site to see what happens! Having that variety in your portfolio will definitely help when looking for commercial print work.
I have a serious question to ask as far as race in the modeling industry is concerned. I would like to think I have a unique look and am obviously considered "black." However, when visiting agencies and speaking to professionals in the past, they have had a hard time placing me and my look. Not to mention, I don't know yet if I'm better suited for commercial work rather than fashion, but I do feel I have a high fashion look. Apparently I don't look black enough or I appear somewhat ambiguous depending on the lighting, concept, and/or photographer. I was told that agencies and clients hate when they can't put you in a specific category or box. I would imagine this would be very important. I find it troubling that there isn't much work out there for guys like me to start with, but I'm still optimistic and proactive. What would be your take on this since you've been in the industry for some time. What market do you think I'm right for?
You are right, it is hard to fit you in a box so look for an agent with some creative ideas. It has always been a tough business for men. Fortunately, mixed-race/ethnically ambiguous females are hot right now, which will hopefully translate even more for men as well. I like your look, and it's very "in" at this time. You just haven't found the right agent yet. I definitely agree that fashion is for you, so try to meet with as many agents as you can until you find the right fit. You'll find it - just give it a little time!
I recently moved back to the Bay area and am trying to figure out how to get my head in the game. I have no experience or references. What should I do/where should I start?
Before you invest in pictures, take what you have and make appointments to see some agents in San Francisco. I like your look and you should be able to find someone who wants to work with you. They'll tell you what kind of photos they want you to take. From there, they can recommend photographers, or you can reach out to some on MWN to shoot with. If you are concerned that you don't have enough pictures to get a meeting, you can try with some good, clean, digital polaroids, however most agencies will take them for you when you come in.
In the meantime,

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter-Wardrobe Must Haves via Refinery29

We love, love, love Refinery29, and are currently obsessing over the items featured in their "Wrap Up In 30 Winter-Wardrobe Essentials" article. Now that we've officially "fallen back," winter is in the air, and we are more than ready to break out our beanies and puffer coats.

We won't cover all 30 of their must haves here (you can head over to their site to check 'em out for yourself) but here are the pieces we're most looking forward to adding to our personal collections...