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ASK JOEY: Dream Big, Start Small

When you are just starting out in modeling (as with any career), it is important to dream big and be realistic. Chances are, you are not going to sign with a top agency without experience. (I know it CAN happen, but it's definitely the exception and not the rule.) It's always a good idea to start by approaching smaller agencies in the nearest major market to you. You'll want to make sure you have a bit of variety in your photos when submitting for meetings, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on shoot after shoot to get them. Most agencies will have photographers and styles that they like anyway, and chances are, after you sign with an agency, they'll send you out for new photos anyway. Simply make sure that you aren't sending them 5 or 6 photos that look pretty much the same when you submit. Otherwise, you're wasting their time and yours.

I've just moved to Los Angeles and am very interested in doing print ads, commercials and runway. How can I get started with modeling in LA?

You only have one picture, so it's hard to give you too much advice. I can tell you are tall, but without more images, it's hard to tell how your sizes shape up for your body type. I would suggest that the first place to start is getting more pictures. You'll definitely need more in your book in order to get meetings with agents. Reach out to photographers who have photos you like on ModelWire Network and see if they would be interested in working with you. Getting a few more photos in your book is definitely the first place you need to start!
I just started modeling a few months ago, and am really interested in pursuing it as a full-time career. I want to be represented by a big agency, like Ford or Elite. I've been contacted by a number of smaller agencies, but I'm really only interested in the big, well-known and reputable agencies. Do you have any tips/suggestions about how I could go about getting seen by some of the bigger agencies? I know I have more of a commercial look, so I'm not really sure which agents are interested in that in NY since it's mostly focused on fashion.
There are actually more commercial agencies in NYC than fashion. Your book is mostly swimwear, so get some more commercial style shots with more clothing and get competitive! Forget trying to start with a huge agency. Get your foot in the door with a smaller agency. You can always upgrade later, and to me smaller agencies are a great place  for anyone to start.
My pictures here weren't professionally done (they're my senior pictures from last year taken by a friend). I know they aren't anything special, but they're the best I have right now. Could you critique them or tell me your general opinion on them? Are my poses natural? I am interested in modeling but don't know where to start.
You have a great smile! You definitely do need to get pictures by a professional. Invest a little money in hiring a photographer for a shoot or look to see if there is anyone within a reasonable distance to you on MWN who may shoot you for trade. Your sizes are more commercial than fashion, so get some commercial shots and study acting. Go the commercial route and don't let that great smile go to waste!
I would love for you to look at my profile and tell me what aspect of modeling would be good for me and any advice you have about how I should proceed. I'm relatively new to this, but my dreams are to model internationally.
You are definitely a commercial type. Your pictures can be improved upon, just in terms of style - that is not to say that they are bad photos, but they look a bit "senior class photo session," so you want to get some more locations and variety. There are some good agents in the DC area. Try to get some meetings and see what they say. If they are interested, they can set you up with photographers and get you out on auditions.
I am new to this business without much support. Most people say I won't make it. I'm extremely determined, and if you could offer me one piece of advice, what would it be?
You have a nice look. Your sizes are definitely commercial instead of fashion - you don't have the height for fashion. If modeling is really want you want, you want to get to a major market or you will never find out if you can make it or not. I would suggest adding some more variety to your book in terms of photos, definitely along the commercial route, and then try to get meetings with commercial agents in the nearest major market to you. 

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