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ASK JOEY: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Variety is the spice of life...when it comes to your portfolio/book. If you have a look that can book you commercial work, you MUST make sure that you have a few different types of commercial shots mixed in with fashion. Having all of one and none of the other is a bad idea, no matter what type of modeling career you are pursuing. And, I know I may be harping on this point too much, but acting classes are a good idea for EVERYONE who wants to model. Even the world's top models shoot commercials and film/TV roles, so having that skill in your back pocket is a definite bonus.

I am currently trying to build my portfolio as a petite model/commercial print model and was wondering if you have any advice about doing that? 

You have a great commercial look but definitely need more pictures with different types of wardrobe. Look at commercial ads that you think you might be right for and see what they are wearing. Once you have a few looks (sports type, business woman, young mom, etc...) get some more pictures done. That's what you need to have in your book. As far as agencies, forget "petite" as it doesn't exist anymore. You are commercial print and TV. Look for a good commercial agent, if you don't already have one, and go from there!
I'm relatively new to LA (more of an actress) but as far as modeling, I always thought I had a great look. However, I haven't done well or no one has had much interest in repping me because my bust line is a size D, not exactly great for fashion, but I am here in LA looking for the right fit. What would you suggest?
You have a great look! Forget fashion and play down your body. You have too many "glamour" and Maxim-style shots in your book, so you definitely need more variety. It will help you with your acting submissions and for commercial print.
I've read your blog and appreciate your honesty and advice. I'm new to MWN and currently building my portfolio. Do you have any advice or suggestions for me?
You are very pretty and have a very commercial look. Because of your height, fashion will be out, but you can definitely find success in the commercial market. Aside from a few shots, most of your pictures are too much on the glamorous side for commercial submissions. I would suggest getting a few more relaxed and casual commercial shots added to your book and go from there!
What advice do you have for someone hoping to become a Ford Plus model?
Ford closed their Plus division. It's now called JAG Models. I would suggest, as I often do, acting class. You should also add more professional and commercial shots to your book. Try connecting with some photographers on MWN to see if they would shoot you for trade. It seems as though a few of the pictures in your book are personal snapshots, which you would want to remove for any type of commercial or print submission. If you are going to have non-professional shots, they should be simple, clean, digital style polaroids, where you are against a blank wall and not posing.
I have been trying to break into the business and every agency, including Ford, tells me I have the look, but since I'm a size 4, I'm too big for runway (although I have walked in shows) and am too small for plus. Do you have any advice for me as far as agencies who might have a niche for my size? Any help would be appreciated!
Every TV/Commercial Print agency can be right for you, if you find the perfect fit with an agent who will work hard for you. Acting makes you more "signable" and attractive to most agents when they are looking for new clients to take on. You have a nice look, but you need more photos in your book and more variety. I would suggest adding both some commercial and fashion shots and go from there. See what the agents gravitate to, and find someone who is excited about you.
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