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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ASK JOEY: Know Your Type!

Knowing where to start and finding an agent really comes down to knowing your type and how to market yourself. I've said it before, but if you do not have traditional fashion sizes, do not start off by pursuing a high-fashion career. You will just be disappointed. Start commercially, where it won't matter how tall you are, etc... Take acting classes. Get some good commercial shots, and send them to agents. If an agency doesn't immediately sign you, but gives you feedback or constructive criticism, take that information and run with it. It means they see potential, rather just a polite "no."

I recently moved to LA from a small town because I met an agent who suggested that I model. I had never thought of myself as a model but have have been getting good feedback from the people I work with. I've been at this for two months and my question is, based on my photos, do you think I'm "big agency material?"
You have hot looking pictures, but you will need more variety or you will be type cast. Unfortunately, you're not "big agency material" because of your height. However, there are tons of great agencies for your look/type. You can also consider getting some more commercial looking shots and going that route too. You've definitely got a pretty face and can work. You're in LA, so you're in the right place for it.

I am looking for a manager or agency, but am I agency ready? I just don't want to be turned down even though sometimes being turned down isn't a bad thing... thoughts?
All of your photos are pretty provocative. Before looking for an agent, I would suggest covering up a bit and getting some more commercial shots done. They will definitely be more of what the agents are looking for when they're meeting with new faces to sign. Also, you will have to be in a major market. Try Boston first, from there you can look for work in NY as well.
I need some direction. I'm interested in print/lifestyle modeling and need to find an agent. I live in the Atlanta Metro area. Do I have the right look for that type of modeling? I'm new to the industry and am interested in finding representation commercially and in print/lifestyle modeling.
There's a lot going on in Atlanta, that's for sure. There are plenty of agents to see, but I honestly don't know what they are looking for there. You may have to have an acting background. (Which definitely won't hurt in Atlanta with all the production that goes on there.) You have a special look, hair, and size (being so tall) that will be unique for a lot of agencies. I say go for it! You're in the right kind of market to get started.
I am a bit confused about some of the advice I have seen about submissions to agencies and about starting a portfolio. Often times, agencies ask for simple snapshots and people are advised not to pay for professional pictures until they have already been signed, as agents want to develop your portfolio with you. Yet I also see advice about having a good portfolio or comp card to send to agents. Which advice is correct? I have submitted to some agencies, but have not yet gotten representation. (One agency did book me fore an appointment and recommended I take acting classes. Another said they had enough talent of my type.) I have had a couple shoots with student photographers but I'm not sure what other types of pictures I need.
For fashion, you're right, a few pictures is all it takes. If the agent likes you, they'll do the rest. You're also right for TV and commercial modeling - you will need a comp card or professional head shots to get in. From what you're telling me agents have said to you when you've met with them, they are turning you down politely. I would suggest taking acting classes, as the first agent suggested. You will definitely need them if you are interested in working commercially.  
My biggest concern right now is how to find representation. Am I ready? Where should I start?
You live in the biggest market in the world for modeling. Make sure that you know you are a commercial type for modeling and TV. Make some appointments with agents to get their feedback. See what they say. Take acting classes. You've got an interesting and marketable look, but are definitely a commercial type. 
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ASK JOEY: Don't Forget to Network!

For those of you on ModelWire Network who are just starting out, make the most of the site by connecting with other users - ESPECIALLY PHOTOGRAPHERS! When you are looking to build your portfolio, you have an excellent resource at your fingertips to find other members in your area to collaborate with for trade. Many photographers on MWN shoot more than just editorial. If you are more of a commercial type, you can definitely find people who will take head shots and other commercial print shots for trade. If you're in a smaller market, try reaching out to local photographers to see if they, or any of their assistants, would be willing to shoot for trade. You'll never know if you don't ask, and the worst they can say is "no thanks."

I know you get a ton of questions asking how one would get started in the industry, but my question is how do you get connections with photographers? With my height, I can probably only do commercial modeling, but I'm having a hard time trying to find Photographers who are willing to shoot with me because most of them do high fashion or the ones that contact me are usually sketchy. How should I go about this because I would really love to take more pictures to use in my portfolio?

You should definitely be able to find photographers on MWN that are looking to build a portfolio and can use your type. Trying posting a project looking for a photographer to work with. You could even use MWN to find local hair stylists, makeup artists, and/or wardrobe stylists who would want to collaborate on a shoot. If you have an agent, even if it's your commercial agent, they can also probably recommend some photographers for you to work with. As an expanded portfolio will help your agent as well, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask!

I'm only 5'3" tall, so are print and fitness modeling the only types I might be able to get into? What are the options at my height? Also, I'm just starting out and have absolutely no experience. What is the best way to get started?
Start on MWN and find photographers to work with. You definitely need to get a few pictures to get started. You don't need a ton of pictures for an agent to see your potential, but you definitely need more than one! The photo you do have looks dated, so try connecting with photographers. I would say you are definitely more of a commercial type, and as such, you should study acting if you aren't already. I see you more in that direction than print or fitness modeling. Start with a commercial acting class and go from there. 

I really only have the qualifications to work as a print model. I'm not 5'9" or extremely thin. Do you have any advice for how I can get into this niche? 
You are definitely a commercial type who could also find TV work. Since you live in a commercial market with a lot of opportunities, definitely get into acting class if you aren't already. If you're just getting started acting, there is a ton of background work in San Francisco, that will help you gain experience.

I have been working locally in the San Antonio area for a few years and know that I really love modeling. I realize that I will never be the model specs for NY, but I think that I would be able to make it in LA or another similar market because I hve curves and will never be a stick-thin model. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions that you have for me and my pics.

You definitely know your type and what you can do. It's so refreshing to find someone who does not have a false image of themselves. My suggestion would be to try Houston or Dallas first, as they are slightly larger markets than where you're at. Then head to LA. You are right on the money for that market. I can definitely see you finding success there. 

I am 5'5" and very physically fit. I think I would be a great print model for active wear and/or fitness equipment. My question is, at my height, am I too short for consideration and just wasting my time and resources? Based on my description of myself, I know I need to post pictures that show that side of me but I wasn't going to have them done if there would never be a chance for me. What do you think?
You have a pretty face, but at your height, I don't see you being a model for active wear or fitness. I would definitely suggest acting, as I can see you working commercially and on television. You have a great look for a wide variety of characters, but as far as modeling, you will struggle at your height.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ASK JOEY: Acting Classes are ALWAYS a Good Place to Start

Getting started in the modeling industry is HARD. Unlike other businesses, if you do not have the right height and sizes, it will be almost impossible to succeed - no matter how beautiful or perseverant you are. Because of this, the majority of new models will find a lot more success in the commercial world. There are many more opportunities there for all looks, shapes and sizes.

My advice for most new models is to take acting classes. No matter what path your modeling career goes down (commercial, high fashion, etc...), acting classes will only help you grow. Who knows... Maybe you are that one in a million who has what it takes to be the next great supermodel, but do you know how to showcase your personality enough to sell something in a TV commercial, not just a print ad? Acting classes - always a great first step.

I know I can be a big model, I just need some advice on where to start! Any advice you can provide would be great.
You are very attractive, though not a fashion model due to your sizes. In this business you would be considered a commercial type, which is great because there are a lot more opportunities for work. You have stated that you have an agent. Build from there. Consider checking with your agency to see if they would be willing to represent you commercially, in addition to print. Right now the only women at your height doing high fashion ads are celebrities. Consider creating a commercial plan with your agency and you could see more success.
I'm new to the modeling world and would love some advice on how to make the most of my modeling career.
You live in NYC, are all the right sizes, and photograph well. A few of the pictures on your profile are a bit blurry, but you have enough shots to make appointments with all the agents in NYC. (Just make sure the photos in your book are hi-res and quality.) Get on the phone and get yourself in the door! I'm sure you'll find an agent who will want to work with you. They can get you tested to suit their needs for you.
I'm extremely new and trying to get into modeling. Honestly, I don't know where to start. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!
You are a commercial type model due to your height and sizes, so don't try to go the high fashion route or you will be disappointed. You are very attractive and have a great look. I would suggest acting classes, which will only help a commercial model's career. You also need to be in a market like NYC, LA or Miami where there are agents and clients that work with actors and models. For now, start with a local agent that can get you work in Baltimore or D.C.
I would love to figure out how I can move forward with my career. I am still very new to both modeling and acting and have only had one photo shoot so far. My trouble is finding the right wardrobe to incorporate into my portfolio. Any advice?
You're off to a good start with your pictures. They are good enough quality to find an agent, so get yourself to LA and make appointments. Once you find an agent, they will help mold and shape your career. As far as newer pictures, they will be able to suggest photographers that they work with a lot and like. Many photographers will be willing to discuss wardrobe with you beforehand, based on your shoot locations. Don't be afraid to ask!
I am really new to this field and would like to know how to get out there and get into modeling. I've only done a few shoots so far. What should my next step be?
You have the same look in all of your pictures (in terms of your expression). Try connecting with a photographer on MWN who would be interested in shooting you for trade. Also, you are on the short side so fashion modeling will be out for you. Are you interested in acting? If so, start taking acting classes and build from there. Once you have those skills in place, you can start working commercially. Also, you are going to need to be in a major market to work. Your best bet based on your location is San Francisco.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

Meet our featured members for the month of October! If you would like to be considered as a future featured member, please email us at featured@modelwirenetwork.com. Keep in mind, to be considered as a featured model, you must have at least 5 photos uploaded to your MWN portfolio. For all other featured members, you must have at least 6 photos uploaded to your MWN portfolio. To collaborate with any of our members, reach out to them via their ModelWire Network profiles or post a project to our Projects page. 


We're thrilled to feature Nadalyn this month. This featured model lives in NYC, and you can check out her portfolio here.

October's photographer, David Bismuth, is a French/American photographer living in NYC. You can check out his MWN portfolio here. Then, stop by his website www.David-Bismuth.com.

Taryn Feldt is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist born and raised in Los Angeles. She took cosmetology courses in high school and knew beauty was her path. After college she attended makeup school and is now fulfilling her dream working as a professional makeup artist. She is experienced in beauty and fashion makeup, airbrushing, and special FX. Check out her MWN profile here. You can also visit her website www.tarynlovesmakeup.com.

Clay Nielsen is a freelance session stylist who specializes in editorial styling and hair cutting. He lives in NYC and spends his time on set creating looks and styles for the likes of Charlotte Ronson, Richard Chai, Giulietta, and B Michael America, among others. His work has also been seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week and in the pages of Harpers Bazaar, Seventeen, and others. Check out his MWN portfolio here. You can see even more work at his website www.claycutshair.com.

A California native, Rachel Hill spent 13 years in NYC before relocating to the Bay Area last year. Rachel's interest in fashion began at an early age, beginning in third grade when she was known as the girl who only wore "black and white." Decades later, Rachel attended the London College of Fashion where she excelled in styling, trend forecasting, and merchandising, and later went on to style shoots for various clients including Nylon and Refinery 29. Rachel also produces a small vintage-inspired lingerie line called Lady Jane (www.ladyjaneny.com).

Why wardrobe stylist?
It's fun and it comes naturally to me. My day job is in an industry that doesn't allow a lot of opportunity for creative expression, so I've really enjoyed having this as an outlet for my creative energies.
Who is your favorite wardrobe stylist of all time?
This is probably a pretty common answer but I really think Grace Coddington is a genius; of course she has the ability to pull just about any item of clothing she wants but I think she really tells a story through editorial better than any other stylist working today.
What inspires you?
Old Hollywood films from the 30's-60's.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I like someone who has a can-do attitude. No one should have to feel uncomfortable at a shoot but there have been a lot of models who I've worked with that seem like they REALLY don't want to be there. It's always a lot harder to get a good shot with them. A positive attitude will come across in the final product.
What is your favorite store to shop at or your favorite brand?
I am constantly browsing Bona Drag, Opening Ceremony, ASOS, La Garconne, Ssense, Totokaelo, and Creatures of Comfort for new arrivals.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
I really enjoyed working on the editorial film that I styled for Nylon x Charles David. It was a really fantastic team and really fun to do a film.
What is your personal style?
I am really all over the place but it'll either be something mid-century inspired or black skinny jeans and a faded rock t-shirt.
What genre does your work focus on?
I've mostly done editorial stuff so far. It allows for the greatest degree of creativity but also pays the worst!
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
I always have a different favorite band of the moment but of all time, probably the Clash or the Ramones. Hard to go wrong there.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
I worked on this one underwater shoot one time with a very talented photographer named Rebecca Handler. Let's just say, styling clothes underwater is even more challenging than it sounds.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ASK JOEY: Am I Ready?

I always love to see the creativity that makeup artists and hair stylists bring to a shoot and am often asked to review portfolios to determine if someone is "ready" to show their work to agencies. Whether your goal is to work in high fashion or special effects, the talent and skill needed to succeed in your craft is something you constantly need to nourish and build. Never stop learning and practicing new techniques. Maybe you are an amazing SFX artist, but will have more opportunities booking more traditional jobs starting out. Make sure you're versatile!

If you're looking for work and aren't sure where to start, try connecting with modeling agencies and working on test shoots. The networking will take you a long way. Once you're feeling confident and getting good feedback, do your best to get meetings with agents who can help you book bigger and better jobs.

I would love your critique on my portfolio. Please advise if I'm ready to show it to agencies. 

You have a great book. I absolutely love your style and work. Honestly, I don't understand why an agent in NYC has not signed you yet and couldn't tell you why. If you haven't been submitting to many, DEFINITELY start. Your book is awesome and you are more than ready to start showing it off.
I know you usually work with models, but I would love your feedback on my portfolio.

For fantasy and high fashion, you are definitely in the wrong place. NYC is where you belong for those types of gigs. Working weddings and proms is fine in smaller markets for income and to build your portfolio, but you definitely need to get your book to big artist agents in NYC. You could also try starting out by working with fashion agencies in a bigger market, like Philly, on shoots with their models. I like your book and style, but definitely think you'll find more opportunities for the type of makeup artistry you're interested in doing in a bigger city.
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to go about contacting an agent. I don't want to make a fool of myself & I want to do it the right way. I'm willing to assist any lead MUA or try to work with a modeling agency on their test shoots. Are my pics good enough to show? 

Your book is good enough to show, and I'm assuming that living in New Jersey, you're close enough to NYC. Try to build up some relationships with the modeling agencies there and work with photographers on test shoots for the agency's models. Start with smaller, more boutique agencies if that's where you're more comfortable. You are ready to step out there, so turn on the charm and set up some meetings to show your work!
I have been in the industry since 2001 and am very interested in getting representation but don't know how to take the first step. I have worked with many agencies in Miami as a freelancer, but then relocated to North Carolina. Please take a look at my portfolio. I would love to know if you think I'm there yet or if I need more work to get into an agency.

I like you work but feel a little like you've exiled yourself by moving out of Miami or any of the other major markets down South. Your work is there, just get yourself seen in markets that have the jobs. I know there is a lot of film and television production going on in NC. Is that why you moved there? Either way, definitely look into getting work as a hair stylist in production, if possible. There will probably be a lot more opportunities in that direction based on your location.
I attended makeup training school down in Orlando and am curious if you know where I should go to find opportunities in the Atlanta area. I'm always looking for work. I live in Atlanta but am open to traveling.

I like your stuff for movies and TV. From what I hear, there is a TON of filming going on in Atlanta. I can see your type of artistry on shows filming there like The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, or The Originals. See if Click Atlanta has a makeup division and find out who's casting those shows (or any other production that will need SFX makeup).
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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