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ASK JOEY: Don't Forget to Network!

For those of you on ModelWire Network who are just starting out, make the most of the site by connecting with other users - ESPECIALLY PHOTOGRAPHERS! When you are looking to build your portfolio, you have an excellent resource at your fingertips to find other members in your area to collaborate with for trade. Many photographers on MWN shoot more than just editorial. If you are more of a commercial type, you can definitely find people who will take head shots and other commercial print shots for trade. If you're in a smaller market, try reaching out to local photographers to see if they, or any of their assistants, would be willing to shoot for trade. You'll never know if you don't ask, and the worst they can say is "no thanks."


I know you get a ton of questions asking how one would get started in the industry, but my question is how do you get connections with photographers? With my height, I can probably only do commercial modeling, but I'm having a hard time trying to find Photographers who are willing to shoot with me because most of them do high fashion or the ones that contact me are usually sketchy. How should I go about this because I would really love to take more pictures to use in my portfolio?

You should definitely be able to find photographers on MWN that are looking to build a portfolio and can use your type. Trying posting a project looking for a photographer to work with. You could even use MWN to find local hair stylists, makeup artists, and/or wardrobe stylists who would want to collaborate on a shoot. If you have an agent, even if it's your commercial agent, they can also probably recommend some photographers for you to work with. As an expanded portfolio will help your agent as well, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask!

I'm only 5'3" tall, so are print and fitness modeling the only types I might be able to get into? What are the options at my height? Also, I'm just starting out and have absolutely no experience. What is the best way to get started?
Start on MWN and find photographers to work with. You definitely need to get a few pictures to get started. You don't need a ton of pictures for an agent to see your potential, but you definitely need more than one! The photo you do have looks dated, so try connecting with photographers. I would say you are definitely more of a commercial type, and as such, you should study acting if you aren't already. I see you more in that direction than print or fitness modeling. Start with a commercial acting class and go from there. 

I really only have the qualifications to work as a print model. I'm not 5'9" or extremely thin. Do you have any advice for how I can get into this niche? 
You are definitely a commercial type who could also find TV work. Since you live in a commercial market with a lot of opportunities, definitely get into acting class if you aren't already. If you're just getting started acting, there is a ton of background work in San Francisco, that will help you gain experience.

I have been working locally in the San Antonio area for a few years and know that I really love modeling. I realize that I will never be the model specs for NY, but I think that I would be able to make it in LA or another similar market because I hve curves and will never be a stick-thin model. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions that you have for me and my pics.

You definitely know your type and what you can do. It's so refreshing to find someone who does not have a false image of themselves. My suggestion would be to try Houston or Dallas first, as they are slightly larger markets than where you're at. Then head to LA. You are right on the money for that market. I can definitely see you finding success there. 

I am 5'5" and very physically fit. I think I would be a great print model for active wear and/or fitness equipment. My question is, at my height, am I too short for consideration and just wasting my time and resources? Based on my description of myself, I know I need to post pictures that show that side of me but I wasn't going to have them done if there would never be a chance for me. What do you think?
You have a pretty face, but at your height, I don't see you being a model for active wear or fitness. I would definitely suggest acting, as I can see you working commercially and on television. You have a great look for a wide variety of characters, but as far as modeling, you will struggle at your height.
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