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ASK JOEY: Acting Classes are ALWAYS a Good Place to Start

Getting started in the modeling industry is HARD. Unlike other businesses, if you do not have the right height and sizes, it will be almost impossible to succeed - no matter how beautiful or perseverant you are. Because of this, the majority of new models will find a lot more success in the commercial world. There are many more opportunities there for all looks, shapes and sizes.

My advice for most new models is to take acting classes. No matter what path your modeling career goes down (commercial, high fashion, etc...), acting classes will only help you grow. Who knows... Maybe you are that one in a million who has what it takes to be the next great supermodel, but do you know how to showcase your personality enough to sell something in a TV commercial, not just a print ad? Acting classes - always a great first step.

I know I can be a big model, I just need some advice on where to start! Any advice you can provide would be great.

You are very attractive, though not a fashion model due to your sizes. In this business you would be considered a commercial type, which is great because there are a lot more opportunities for work. You have stated that you have an agent. Build from there. Consider checking with your agency to see if they would be willing to represent you commercially, in addition to print. Right now the only women at your height doing high fashion ads are celebrities. Consider creating a commercial plan with your agency and you could see more success.
I'm new to the modeling world and would love some advice on how to make the most of my modeling career.
You live in NYC, are all the right sizes, and photograph well. A few of the pictures on your profile are a bit blurry, but you have enough shots to make appointments with all the agents in NYC. (Just make sure the photos in your book are hi-res and quality.) Get on the phone and get yourself in the door! I'm sure you'll find an agent who will want to work with you. They can get you tested to suit their needs for you.
I'm extremely new and trying to get into modeling. Honestly, I don't know where to start. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!
You are a commercial type model due to your height and sizes, so don't try to go the high fashion route or you will be disappointed. You are very attractive and have a great look. I would suggest acting classes, which will only help a commercial model's career. You also need to be in a market like NYC, LA or Miami where there are agents and clients that work with actors and models. For now, start with a local agent that can get you work in Baltimore or D.C.
I would love to figure out how I can move forward with my career. I am still very new to both modeling and acting and have only had one photo shoot so far. My trouble is finding the right wardrobe to incorporate into my portfolio. Any advice?
You're off to a good start with your pictures. They are good enough quality to find an agent, so get yourself to LA and make appointments. Once you find an agent, they will help mold and shape your career. As far as newer pictures, they will be able to suggest photographers that they work with a lot and like. Many photographers will be willing to discuss wardrobe with you beforehand, based on your shoot locations. Don't be afraid to ask!
I am really new to this field and would like to know how to get out there and get into modeling. I've only done a few shoots so far. What should my next step be?
You have the same look in all of your pictures (in terms of your expression). Try connecting with a photographer on MWN who would be interested in shooting you for trade. Also, you are on the short side so fashion modeling will be out for you. Are you interested in acting? If so, start taking acting classes and build from there. Once you have those skills in place, you can start working commercially. Also, you are going to need to be in a major market to work. Your best bet based on your location is San Francisco.

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