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Not everyone is Kate Moss

A lot of you write to me saying you were born to be a model, but your height is what's holding you back. You need to understand that not everyone is a Kate Moss. In fact, she is the only one under 5'9" that has been able to make it as a high fashion model. If you are under 5'9" then you can forget about fashion - you automatically fall into the commercial modeling category. And I've said it before - commercial models are usually actors. Therefore, the competition is tremendous. If you are under 5'9", I highly suggest you taking some acting classes to stand against all of those actors who are now getting commercial modeling jobs.

I have been pursuing modeling since 2009.  What got me started is an agency called Contour Management in Los Angeles, who I stopped working with since I learned they had some legal issues.  I moved to Northern California right after.  SInce then, I have been submitting myself to agents for Commercial/Pring gigs but nothing ever works out (my height is 5'6").  What happens is that I spend a lot mailing photographs for nothing.  I also went to an open call for City Model in SF but got rejected.  It has been 2 years of effort.  I'd like to get some advice from you.  I can send some additional photos as well.  

You're a very pretty girl, but something is missing in your pictures.  You need more fire in them.  they are a little too cute.  Because you can only be a TV/Print commercial model, you need to work on your acting - perhaps that may light the fire in you.  You're going to need it.  In your About Me section you mention yourself going to design school.  Let's see some of that creativity in your photos.  We need more emotion - I suggest you finding a photographer on MWN and get some new photos.
Thanks for the request and reaching out to me.  I really appreciate it.  If you wouldn't mind though, can you take a look at my port and give me your opinion?  As it would mean a lot to me due to your extensive know-how in regards to the business.  Also, share any idea you may have to going out and getting more print work.  I'd say runway as well, but being vertically challenged caused a problem in visiting that world.  

You definitely have a commercial look.  You have to see the right type of agents - forget fashion.  Study acting so you can compete for the commercial print jobs.  Every actor in the country does commercial print so you're going to have to step it up and be different from the rest.  Also, you have too many of the same looks in your book.  Add more photos to your portfolio - ones that show different emotions from you.
Jazzma Crofton 
I'm Jazzma Crofton and am an aspiring model.  I was wondering if there was any advice you could give me on advancing.  I'm 5'6" and the agencies I want to work with, such as Ford or GMC won't even look at me once they see my height.  However, I refuse to let it cripple me.  I also know that there are agencies that accept shorter models, however I'm not sure who they are or how to contact them.

Forget about Ford and fashion agencies.  You're too short for fashion.  You are a TV/Commercial/Pring type.  I would also suggest getting more pictures taken.  You have the same pose in every photo.  Collaborate with some photographer on MWN and consider taking acting classes to land those commercial jobs. 
Lansing Wilson 
Hey Joey, thanks for the add!  I look forward to reading your blog and absorbing as much of your knowledge as I can.  Having worked for a huge agency like Ford. do you think I have the "look" to be a part of their agency or another big name agency like Ford?

I really like your look.  I think you have what it takes to do Fashion modeling.  You should check out the ModelWire Directory and go out there and see other agencies as well.  Don't rely on just one agency - your chances are better when you go and see multiple people.
Brooke Nichole Kelly
I would LOVE input and any suggestions on my profile.  Truthfully, being I'm 5'6.5" I've stopped thinking about "the business" even if I do have the longest legs, I know it's 5'8" and above.  How do people get Print ads?  Thank you in advance!

You need to start off by getting more photos - you only have 2 on your MWN profile.  If you need more photos, you should work with some MWN members.  You have a nice look for TV/Commercial print work, so once you have more than 2 photos you can go and see some agencies.  You can find these agencies in our ModelWire Directory.  
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