Friday, March 11, 2011

Ask Joey: It’s all about Personality

This week, I wanted to share with you all a story from my days at Ford:

I once scouted two guys in Milan. One American. One French.

The American model was amazing. He had perfect sizes. He was the depiction of the ideal male model.

The French guy did not fit the mold of a fashion male model. He was short, wasn't a 40 regular, and small in the shoulders. But they wanted to go as a team to the USA to work and weren't willing to separate from one another.

The guy who had the perfect sizes barely worked.

The guy who didn't fit the mold worked constantly.

The reason why was because the guy who didn't have the right sizes made up for it in other ways. He was always upbeat, did everything and more when it came to working, and always had a smile on. Whereas, the American model complained about everything; it was always someone else's fault, and made himself unpleasant to work with.

The American's career fell into oblivion. Whereas the French model, after years and years of modeling, retired to the South of France.

Personality can sometimes make up for not being the right size.

And that's what I have to say about sizes!

Dani Doedens

I am actually messaging you to see if you could look over my portfolio. I have a wide range of types of pictures. I do not wish to be on the runway (my size will not allow), but I am interested in any other work I can get.

I feel like I understand what you would like to accomplish in the business. The way for you to go about it is to be a commercial model where size doesn't matter. I am glad you realize that your size does not allow you to be runway/fashion model (I wish I knew your sizes and stats).

In commercial modeling, it's all about personality and the ability to act and read for commercials. You need to study acting and work on your book. You need a variety of shots (more girl next door) and a great headshot.

Do you have any tips, tricks, and/or opportunities?

You have a very commercial look. But you have too many of the same pictures in your book. Get some new ones. Also, you should study acting and work on cold reading. You need personality and experience to get your career moving forward. So take advantage of ModelWire Network. Find some photographers near you and start working with them to build up your book.

Would you mind taking a look at my portfolio and tell me what you think?

You have a good look for modeling, but how tall are you? What are your sizes and stats?

Your book could use more sport jacket and suit shots. MWN can help you connect. Start taking advantage of the site. Build up your connections.

I live here in Tucson, AZ, very close to Phoenix and have attended a few open calls at FORD/ROBERT BLACK there in Scottsdale. (I've never seen any guys or men who attend) I really had high hopes to model for FORD, but I never get any feedback from them after the visit. I don't know what they are looking for in a male model, but I'm not quite sure I want to give up on my chances just yet. Maybe I need a different you have any suggestions for me to consider?

Do you realize you have just one look in your book and it's not a happy look? Even with the beautiful girl, your look still is too serious. You need a variety of different looks in your portfolio. Work on building it up, then you can go back to Ford.

When you go, make sure you have a good attitude. At times, people get jobs off their personality and not on looks.

I would love to get some tips from you on how to build a better portfolio.

You have a one picture portfolio, so I have no comment. Use MWN to connect and build up your book. Also fill out your sizes and stats. Instead of only writing on your wall stating that you are looking for a photographer, start browsing for photographers in your area. Seek them out and start talking with them. Find out their rates and see if they want to collaborate on a shoot together.

Everyone, get very familiar with the new browsing page!

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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