Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ASK JOEY: Commercial Models Need Acting Skills

It's important to hone your acting skills if you're a commercial model.  Think about your competition - everyone is an actor/model.  If you want to focus on commercial modeling, you really need step up and give yourself that extra edge.  It's hard to stand out in a crowd of millions trying to do the same thing. 

Any advice on how to start booking paying jobs on my own?  I'm in Los Angeles.

I believe everyone should have an agent to work with.  It's very difficult to do it yourself.  You don't know what is legit and what is a scam - an agent would be able to help you out in that area.  You have a nice look but too many of the same type of pictures.  You should definitely do more test shoots and find yourself an agent.  I hope you are also working on your acting skills because you're definitely a commercial model.
I am trying to build my portfolio and trying to get signed to a level agency.  Do you have any contacts that could help me out?

You have all the right sizes and you live in New York City.  You should be getting out there and testing with different photographers and agencies.  I would also suggest getting some color photos in your portfolio - I only see black and white ones.  I like your look - I really don't think you'll have any trouble getting representation.  You live in the fashion capitol of the world, embrace it!
If you can take a look at a couple of my photos, I would be very thankful.  I am just starting and and I would like to know what you advice you would give me and which direction I should go.

You can forget fashion modeling, you are definitely a commercial model.  Focus on acting and cold readings for commercials.  You need new pictures, they look a little amateur.  You'll need a variety of commercial looks, yours are all the same.  Your direction should be TV and commercial print.  Find people to test with through MWN and focus more on your portfolio.

Please take a look at my portfolio and advise me on how to break into hosting.  I am actually and a journalist and a writer and I think that hosting would be great fun as well as very interesting.  If you know of any great agencies in the LA area, please let me know!

I take it you are talking about hosting for TMZ, E and MTV.  You are an attractive person but you need acting skills to be a host.  I hope you are taking acting classes and working on being comfortable onscreen.  You're going to have to get an agent to hook you up with a steady gig.  You should start by getting more professional head shots and photos.  None of the ones in your portfolio stand out to me.
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