Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ASK JOEY: Starting In A New City

Check out some of our amazing male models this week!  A lot of you are starting fresh in a new city and ask how to get started.  All I can really say is to test with tons of photographers and make your portfolio the best that it can be.  You will be able to make connections and network with different people and ultimately, they'll be able to steer you in the right direction.  It's very important to focus on your portfolio because it's what get you the job.  If you have too many shots of the same look, you won't be able to show off other roles you can do.  Also, it's crucial that you identify whether or not you are a commercial model or a fashion model.  Make sure you are visiting the right agencies.  Do your research and find the type of representation that suits you!

What do you think I should do to improve or advance my steps in modeling?

You are a little too tall for fashion modeling at 6'6", but you have a very good commercial look.  Your portfolio looks great, I would say you're ready to go out and get an agent.  Stay away from fashion agents.  Definitely go the commercial route.  And I suggest studying acting to land more gigs.  Overall, I think your look is good!
Hi Joey, I'm an 18 year old aspiring model/actor.  I just really don't know what steps I should take now that I'm out here in LA (I'm from the East Coast).  Just in terms of getting my name and face out there, what do you suggest?

You have a good commercial look.  Your portfolio is definitely for actors though.  I guess it just depends on the route you want to take - if you want to do more modeling, you're going to need more photos.  Test, test, test and gain more experience with photographers.  Make more connections and meet with agencies.  You have a good look - just work a little more!
I need help starting my career.  Do you have any advice?

First off, I would start with a new portfolio.  You have a lot of great pictures, but they all look similar.  I would cut back on half of the ones you have on MWN and add more fashion photos.  You have a really good look - I don't see you having any issues finding an agent.  Less head shots would definitely help though.  Good luck!
I would love you to review my portfolio when you have the time.

You have way too many body shots in your portfolio.  If you get rid of half of them, clients and agents will still be able to tell that you have a nice body, it just doesn't have to be in every photo.  You need more fashion and commercial photos.  I also think you need to smile more in your photos.  There's no doubt that you have done a ton of work based on your portfolio, but you just need to clean up your book a little.  
Hi Joey, I am honored to be your friend on this site, knowing all of the things you've done for the industry.  It is an absolute pleasure to be in touch with you.  I'd love to be represented in NYC, so if you could please review my port and give me your opinion on what I really need to take it to the next level.  

It says you are in Chicago currently.  The first thing you need to do to get a NYC agent is to get to New York!  You have an amazing look and should be able to find an agent.  Who is your agent in Chicago?  Have them set you up with meetings in New York.  That's how it should be done - I don't think you'll have any issues finding representation.  
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