Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Our Featured Members of the Month!

We can't believe it's already August!  We're excited to introduce to you our featured members of the month.  We are also excited to announce some big news in the next coming weeks.  So stay tuned and don't forget to contact us if you need anything (  Get to know your featured members and collaborate with them if you're interested!

Model of the Month:  Christopher Schram


Who is your favorite model of all time?
Mark Vanderloo. He is simply iconic.
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
Truth.  When I see a photographer's work and I am left wondering what the scenario is - who's the model, what has happened, where he/she is going.  I think to myself, that we need to collaborate.  Because then I know we are thinking on the same page and it will be a challenge to bring something special to the table.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
I recently worked on a cover shoot for L'Uomo Vogue.  That lit me up.  There is nothing like a wild Italian stylist stomping her feet to make me think, 'My job is oh, so exciting.'
What product can you not live without?
Trader Joe's Mint Lip Balm.  Simple and spectacular.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
You can never go wrong with Ray Lamontagne. 

Photographer of the Month:  Emily Sandifer


What inspires you?
Everything has potential to inspire me.  Art, books, movies, music, memories - everything that surrounds us in the world.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
It depends on the project and the client.  Sometimes I have to choose a certain ethnicity or certain body type (to fit the designer's sample pieces, for example).  But besides for the technical aspects of the shoot, I look for models who are comfortable in front of the camera, someone who is fearless and experimental.  Someone who has passion and who has done their homework on the industry as well as their own angles/poses.  Also, someone who I can direct, but most of the time I don't need to because what they're doing in front of the camera is so interesting that all I want to do is sit back and photograph them.  Variety of expression is also key.  I want to work with models who can convey a variety of emotions and fit the level of intensity needed (not just a pretty face).  Someone who can tell a story while selling the clothes we put on them.  Someone who is confident in their abilities but humble in their ego and above all - imagination.
What camera do you use?
A Canon 5D Mark II.  As far as equipment goes, I like to keep it as simple and organic as possible.  I like natural like or my strobe and usually one key light.  But, if needed, a series of strobes, reflectors, etc. will be used.
What is your personal style?
At work I like to be functional but fun.  I'm very laid back.  You'll usually find me in a pair of jeans, tank top and flats.  Maybe Converse or high boots depending on the season.  I love bright colors.
What genre does your work focus on?
Portraiture.  Even editorial fashion is essentially a portrait.  That's how I approach all my shoots.  Focus on the essence of that person.  And in the case of fashion, how their wardrobe effects them emotionally and physically (and how they relate to the environment we place them in).

Makeup Artist of the Month:  Makeup By Sabrina


Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
My goal as a makeup artist is to work more in the film industry and my makeup heroes are Edouard Henriques (Tranformers, Thor, Pearl Harbor) and Paul Engelen (Troy, Robin Hoos, Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider).
What inspires you?
I get most of my inspiration from either nature or entertainment like books and movies.  As a makeup artist, the things I see and do are always part of my thought processes with what I create.  I enjoy doing nature photography, where I'm attracted to unusual designs, shapes and colors.  Plus, I've always done various types of arts and crafts, including painting and drawing, cross-stitch, crochet, quilting, etc. and have never just worked with suggested colors and patterns.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Aside from symmetry in facial features, I look for models that are either chameleons or have very interesting or striking features.  I pay a lot of attention to eye color and I love freckles and a little gap between the two front teeth.
What product can you not live without?
I have fallen absolutely in love with a lip product by Loreal called "Colour Riche Balm" and never leave the house without it on my lips and in my kit.  It's a lipstick mixed with lip balm, it adds color, shine and moisture to lips and is so easy to use that you don't even need a mirror to apply it for touch-ups.  This is something I use on models and brides and recommend as a great product for everyday use.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project, where I had the most fun and learned the most, was for an independent film called "Weary Sun" (La Mancha Films, directed by John Hawthorne Smith).  I worked a lot on special effects makeup, which was new and exciting for me and not something I get to do very often.

Hair Stylist of the Month:  Anita Arsova


What inspires you?
I am constantly inspired by past and present images of fashion, art and life.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
Unique beauty features and natural healthy hair.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
There are many projects, but the last one that I organized myself was for a bridal photo shoot for my site.  You can take a look at the video here.
What is your favorite band or song of all time?
There is so many!  I love music and I can't start my day without it.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
My most embarrassing moment was one day at the salon and I was working with my last client.  She was so fun and I offered to style her hair with round brushes to achieve the bombshell look.  We didn't have much time and she was supposed to go out on a date, so I had to hurry up and blow dry her hair really fast.  The problem was that she had a lot of hair and her hair was still damp on a few spots so when I tried to take off the brushes, two of them were so tangled up that it took me forever to take them out.  Her date was waiting for her and we were still at the salon untangling hair.  At the end, the hair turned out beautiful, but the wait time was ridiculous.  That was the most embarrassing moment.  We are all human and embarrassing moments happen - my client still loves me!

Wardrobe Stylist of the Month:  Queena Yan


Why wardrobe stylist?
I enjoy mixing and putting things together.  Sometimes it makes sense but sometimes it doesn't - but in the end, it somehow all ends up relating.  I love dressing people in ways they never thought they could pull off.  Styling is an art but everyone can understand it somehow.
What inspires you?
Every day people, art, dance, nature, music, positivity - they all inspire me and move me in many ways.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
The model has to take good care of themselves.  Good hair and good skin go a long way.  
What is your favorite store to shop at?
I shop everywhere.  Even the stores I go into a lot are hit or miss.  I love finding things in places I hardly shop in.  I would have to say Zara because the price range is affordable, their sales are amazing and their style is great.
What genre does your work focus on?
I started doing avante garde.  I love challenging myself and with every project I get, I try to take it to the next level.  I believe in versatility.  You need to know how to style for all types of people and genres because they all give such different results. 



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