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ASK JOEY: Makeup Artists and Wardrobe Stylists Seeking Representation

This week's questions are from some talented makeup artists and wardrobe stylists on ModelWire Network.  A common question I get is people asking whether or not they are ready to get represented.  The only answer I can really give is that only you can decide if you're ready.  Obviously talent comes first, but a close second is the actual drive to succeed.  It's important to constantly keep working  - whether it's testing for agencies and photographers or donating your time to gain experience.  Every little exposure helps and gives you the opportunity to show your personality.  Take advantage of these opportunities! 

When you have a moment please take a look at my portfolio of pictures.  I'd like to get your advice on what I should work on and how I can get represented as a wardrobe stylist.

Your work speaks for itself.  You are definitely ready to get out there and find representation.  It's not easy - just make sure to set up meetings and let your personality shine.  Do a lot of test shoots with agencies and allow them to trust you.  From there, they will hire you to do more shoots and you can eventually be their go-to person!
I would love for you to check out my website and give me any suggestions you have.  I am looking to get more paid shoots.  What is a good rate to charge with my experience of five years.  I have worked backstage at both LA and NY Fashion Week as a makeup artist.  I'm an in-house makeup artist for a small Los Angeles magazine called Divulge, I have done over twenty weddings and have worked on a new show for Oxygen.  I continue to grow and would love any advice or suggestions you can offer.  Thank you!

I really like your work.  It looks like you have definitely paid your dues with 5 years of training.  Go out and find someone to represent you.  They will most likely set a rate for you.  In this economy, rates are constantly changing - it also depends on the work, the locations of the gig, etc.  Work on a budget with your future agent - that's what they're for!
My name is Susan and I'm a makeup artist aspiring to work in fashion/print.  I have been testing for several months now and feel like I am about ready to submit my work to agencies and ask to be put on their assistant roasters.  I would love it if you can find some time to take a look at my fashion/editorial photos on my website and on my MWN profile.  I would appreciate any critiques/advice on areas of improvement, how to approach agencies, or anything you feel that I should be prepared for. 

Your portfolio is definitely ready to be presented to agents.  If you are asking if you are ready, the only advice I can give you is that only you can answer that.  Here are some tips:  most reps will ask you to send more pictures.  Do it, but make sure to follow up.  Insist that you want to see them and don't stop until they give you a face-to-face meeting.  This shows that you really want it, plus you will be able to show off your personality so make sure to shine!  It will make up for any flaws in your portfolio.  An agent can overlook genius for a good person with a great personality.  They need you to make them look good, so don't let them down!  Love your work!
Hi Joey, I would like you to tell me what you think of my portfolio.  I am a makeup artist and looking for representation.  I want to know if my work is good enough to be signed by an agency.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
I really like your work!  I think you should definitely go out and see agents.  Remember - it is not going to be an easy task, but luckily, your portfolio is really good and I think you are ready.  Again, only you can decide whether or not your want to put 100% into this.  It's not just about the talent, but the drive to succeed as well.  Good luck!
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