Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask Joey: For All You Unrepped Members

Finally, for all of you unrepped members, we have launched our new enhanced scouting feature! Not only is ModelWire Network the place where you can build professional connections and get jobs, but it is also the place to get scouted by over 150 top agencies. This will help you save time by not having to make all of those endless calls and email your photos to all those agents. Now all you have to do is select “Seeking Representation” and the agents can view your MWN portfolio.

So make sure you have your profile completely filled out and if you are a model, that your sizes and stats are also filled out. Agents want to know who is serious about their career and who isn’t - so market yourself correctly.

There has already been some success come from our site. Make sure you check out this blog article about one of our agencies, Scout Model & Talent Agency.

Cindy Knecht
Just seeking some advice. I recently signed with Wilhelmina of Philadelphia. I am considered a lifestyle model and have also taken some acting classes. I am anxious to get started and have reached out to several different companies but no luck. I do keep in touch with my agent on a regular basis but still nothing. Should I be doing something else? 

You are in a good place, you have an agent and Wilhelmina is a good agency, they also have other agencies in different markets. Life style is where I would place you as well. I would say to continue to stay on top of your agent, see if they can get you meetings with some of their other agencies.  And keep on testing/updating your book. It will happen.

Do you know of any good agents or any good agencies?

Florida has lots of good agencies and a lot are on our parent site, ModelWire like: Next, Mc2, BMG, Front Management, Michele & Group, Michele Pommier Models and V-Models. Here is the Fashion Directory so you can check out all of the agencies on ModelWire. 
Make sure you select that you are “seeking representation” so the agents that are on ModelWire will know they can scout you. Otherwise your MWN profile will not be visible.  

Would you please do me the honor and critic my port. Could you also please point me into the right direction regarding L.A. based agencies you think might be interested in my look?

Why can’t you find an agent? You have listed all the right sizes and you have what they call an “edgy look” and you live in NY - is something wrong? Obviously, we all love your portfolio here at MWN, because we chose to showcase it on our Homepage. You may be too edgy for LA but I would say to just keep at it!

Chris Grant Wenchell   
I am real serious about finding an agent worth my while for print and/or commercials. I have an agent now but the only work that I am getting is from me submitting myself and its been overwhelming lately. If you wouldn't mind checking out my portfolio it would be greatly appreciated. Any advice you have feel free to comment or send me a message. I really don't mind having my portfolio critiqued. I am looking to expand it much more.

Your portfolio looks good and it is good that you are keeping on top of your career, even if your agent is not. My advice is to continue to be active and find yourself an agent who will work for you. You have a nice look and you bring a lot of life into your pictures. Start reaching out to the agencies on ModelWire don’t just wait for them to come across your MWN profile.

Like you say on your profile, "If you want something in life, reach out and grab it!"

Once again check out ModelWire’s Fashion Directory.

I would really like to be a Victoria Secret model, how do about accomplishing that goal!?

From looking at your portfolio you are too commercial and much too short for Victoria Secret. Most of the girls they book for their shows are 5’9” or taller. Go with the look you have, it is a great lifestyle/commercial look, that is the direction you should be going in.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!


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