Thursday, August 4, 2011


A few weeks ago I posted on my Twitter the following: "Just got a pull request for Kristen Stewart, so excited!"  I had NO idea that particular tweet would spread like wildfire!  I've tweeted about plenty of celebrities before, but I never received such a large response.  The next day, US Weekly contacted me, along with requesting details, shoot day, location, etc.  For the sake of my newly-formed relationship with the shoot's wardrobe stylist, I kept silent on most of the details, with the exception that the shoot was for a major magazine cover, and the shoot was located in the Los Angeles area.

A large majority of the entertainment/fashion industry is based on the idea of confidentiality!  No magazine wants their cover shoots to be revealed until the issue hits the newsstands!  No tv show wants to let the public know who the contestant winners are until the show airs! If you happen to participate on any given top secret project, it's best to keep that information to yourself. In the age of social media, information is so easy to come across!  Revealing any details publicly on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. can possibly compromise projects, your business relationships, and your future relationships.

Also, it's even more important to stay silent when any project involves a celebrity! If I had disclosed the location of Kristen Stewart's shoot (even though I didn't know where it was), it could have compromised her safety and potentially become a security issue. As we know, there are many celebrity stalkers out there, celeb-hungry paparazzi, that could track her down and jeopardize a project that she's on. 

Living in LA for a decade, I'm used to hearing about any given celebrity working on a shoot, tv show, movie, music video, etc.  It's typically not juicy news to me. However, just remember that it can be news to other people!  So when in doubt, stay silent.



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