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Ask Joey: Tackling Photographers Questions with Tony Lattari - Part One

Sorry folks for not writing last week but I have been trying to coordinate schedules with my long time photographer friend Tony Lattari. I have had many photographers message me questions and I have not wanted to answer these questions alone. I can only give my perspective as an agent but I also wanted the perspective of a photographer, who is well respected in the industry and is a working photographer

The main piece of advice that all photographers need to hear is consistency.

There are too many photographers that think that they can shoot every type of style. They'll shoot anything and everything and showcase it all in their portfolio. When industry professionals see portfolios like this, they are left feeling confused as to what type of photography the person is even interested in. Is it fashion? It is is beauty? It is commercial? What the photographers should be doing is perfecting the style that best works for them, rather than trying to perfect it all.

I would definitely love for you to take a look at my portfolio & get some feedback. I'm a photographer that started out as a wedding/portrait photographer. After a few years I started shooting comp cards for the kids division at Ford Models Milwaukee. I am now currently working on my portfolio to get into fashion photography. I love working with natural light but also have some knowledge of using artificial lighting. Any feedback & advice will definitely be so much appreciated. Here's the link to my website;

Your kids portfolio shows great style and a point of view. All the photos look and feel very natural. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about your men and women’s portfolio. They feel staged and unnatural. If you want to work more with adults then get some good models to test with. Try working with them like you do with the kids, very easy and natural.
 But if I were you I would focus on the kids - you do it very well. Plus, it is a huge market.

May you look at my portfolio and give me some tips and advice on it?

You are all over the board. You have to develop a sense of style and focus on a particular art form. Do you want to do fashion or beauty? Make up your mind.
 Keep in mind that art directors and clients have an attention span of 5 seconds. If they don’t see what they need right away, then you are out the door.
 Also, your male photos are stronger than your female photos. I would stick with men if I were you.

I would love your feedback on my portfolio. Over the next few months I'm planning several test shoots to expand my port, so it would be great to have some feedback on what would be best to add, or if anything currently in there jumps out as bringing down my portfolio as a whole. My website is

Your studio photos are great. Stay with it. You are focused and have style. This is what I mean by finding what you do best and developing it.

I'm a fashion photographer, who also shoots other styles like glamour, and commercial to keep things interesting. My biggest challenge is really breaking into the inside layer of the industry. I would like to know your take on photography agents and your advise to working with top model agencies on developing their New Faces, and established model's portfolios. I think this can lead to the big fashion editorial and add a campaign which is where I want to be.

You show great studio work and are very edgy, but if you want to shoot fashion you need better models. You have a great look to your work and you have developed a style that works with your models. Start calling your local agencies and ask to work with their new faces and some of their established models. Say you will test for free; work on the relationship to the point where you can start charging.

I have more photographers’ questions that Tony and I will get to next week, so look out. In the meantime check out Tony's work:

In the meantime,
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