Friday, August 12, 2011

Ask Joey: Tackling Photographers Questions with Tony Lattari - Part Two

Before I dive into the last of the photographers’ questions I want to bring up something very important topic– scams. It has been reported that some of our MWN users were messaged about an unbelievable modeling opportunity by a user going by the name of “sarahphotos.” The job was way too good to be true because it was untrue and indeed was a scam. Thanks to all the members who reported this message to ModelWire Network Support.

Here at MWN, our members’ safety is our number one priority; this is why we ask that all job postings go through our Projects page. This way,  MWN can look up the validity behind all projects before they get posted, hopefully eliminating any fictitious opportunities. We try our best to keep the scams off from MWN but there is always the chance that one may slip through. If there is ever a doubt please email and one of our associates will get back to you.

Since I am on the topic of scams let me quickly say: Beware of scam agencies. What you need to look out for is any agency that makes you pay for anything up front. If you need new photos you should NEVER have to pay the agent for new photos. All money exchange for photos should take place between you and the photographer. A good agent will get you in contact with the photographer you should work with, but will never make you pay them for the photographer.

You should also NEVER have to pay an agent to find you work. That is their job. They get paid commission only after they found you a paying gig, never before.

From this moment on please be cautious of any project that gets messaged to you and if you do connect with someone through MWN, know that you should meet with them face –to-face, in a public place or at least have a conversation on the phone with them going over the details. Never show up cold to a studio or location unless you met with the client beforehand.

Feel free to go to my website to review my work. I have been in the industry for 16 years as a professional but nearly 22 years altogether. As a professional I believe in providing great photography and quick quality turn around but not for free as many on this site desire. Let me know what you think, your opinion matters to me. Please get back when you can.

You seem to have found your niche. Your portfolio is full of actors and you show great headshots, but of course it is not fashion. If you want to get into fashion, then you need to start working with quality fashion models. Call the agencies and ask if you can test shoot with their new faces. 
 However, it seems like what you having been doing has been working for you, and are very successful at. Maybe you should just stick with it. There are a lot of fashion photographers looking for work these days.

Of course I'd like to hear your take on my program. I have been shooting for years and have a wide variety of imagery. I shoot almost everything - I am trying to get more work in LA of course, but having a hard time finding any representation or getting on agency lists. Have any ideas?

You do great work but for an art director or agent who has an attention span of 5 minutes, you are all over the place with your work. You need to focus a category that you enjoy shooting, whether it be beauty, fashion, real people, illustration etc. Then perfect that category before you present your portfolio to an art director and/or agency. Remember less is best.

Hey Joey, Thank you for the friend request. Please take a look at my portfolio and website. 

You do too much, remember less is best. Your work is not commercial enough for the market. You do have some nice pics, but you need better fashion models and need to work with better hair stylists and makeup artists for your beauty shoots. Personally, Tony and I feel that you have too many categories, you should only have  men, women, studio and location categories. That is what reps and agencies what to see.


What’s the truth about aspiring models who shoot TFP, trades, shootouts, or workshops with amateur photographers or "guys with cameras?" Are they less likely to be selected by an agency? TRUE OR FALSE?

That is false and doesn’t need an explanation.

Thank you Tony Lattari for teaming up with me to answer the photographers’ questions! I hope we can do this again.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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