Friday, August 12, 2011

Daniel Jackson for H&M

For a while I wondered who shot the H&M 2010 winter fashion shoot. For some reason I was so drawn to those pictures, even after the holiday season was over. The photographs were shot by Daniel Jackson, a British photographer traveling between New York, London and beyond. The images are warm and personal which worked well for the holidays. You really feel a natural relationship between the subjects. In the second image, I like how both subjects are styled differently. The wild hair works well with the woman's thick, red hair band. The contrast adds an ethereal and comfortable feeling to the image. I also love the contrast in posture; how the woman on the left is resting on her partner.

Each image provides the viewer with a glimpse into a different relationship. I just love the way Jackson put together such a natural shoot for the 2010 holiday season. For more images from the shoot, click here!



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