Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask Joey: Start Approaching Members

Guys, all the questions you have asked this week are all the reasons why we created ModelWire Network. Everyone is looking to network as that is what it takes to work in this business, and ModelWire Network is a safe and professional place for you to make those connections. But you can’t just sign up and do nothing. What you need to do is start browsing for the professionals you want to work with and message them. Nothing will happen if you just sign up and do nothing.

I am pleased that you ask me questions every week as I love helping out, but don’t go asking me for connections. My connections are MWN connections. So start being proactive members and find your contacts.  

I am seeking to build a portfolio and am looking for photographers for a TFP or TFCD. Any suggestions, tips and help you offer would be greatly appreciated.

What you need to do is either post a project saying, “I am seeking a photographer,” or start browsing for photographers and directly message them. If you want something then be proactive, don’t just wait for people to approach you. 
I would advise you to be specific as to what type of shoot you are looking for. Don’t make the photographer come up with the idea - you are the client so know what you need for your portfolio. I would definitely say, add more lifestyle shots in there and get rid of those terrible flashlight in your face photos.

I'll be making new Fashion Books for myself and I'm looking for Stylists. I know the look I'm going for but I still need great people who can get things and have a large spectrum of aesthetics in their soul. If you know of good people, who either are new to NYC or have been working as assistants for stylists and now look to build their own careers, those might be the ideal candidates.

You might want to check with the agencies that rep stylists see if they will be able to help you out. You can also call up the model agencies to see if they have anyone that you can work with. Of course you should also start hooking up with the stylists on ModelWire Network.
I would like to work with a photographer to help build my portfolio, if you have any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.

You have a nice look, but I can’t tell you what type of shoot you should go after as your Sizes and Stats aren’t filled out. I say this a lot but its true - every model needs to have their attributes completely filled out. All of the agents who scout from MWN need to know these and so many of the professionals on this site also need to know these, like photographers. 
You need to be active on this site. Start direct messaging photographers and find someone that you want to work with. Like I told Peter, don’t wait for people to approach you, you approach them.
What would you recommend for people who are literally just starting out, and have no connections?

Glad you joined ModelWire Network, it is a great place for people starting out, who do not have connections. On this site you will be able to find the people to get yourself started in this industry, but you have you be active. Don’t just sit on the site and wait for your career to take off. 
You, Peter and Eric need to start messaging members and see if they want to collaborate on a project with you.

I am wondering, how I can really get into the business and get my name out there? I have done a few minor gigs, but I want to do much more. I have met with a few agencies and they tell me basically the same thing, ‘I need to pay them to take pictures to create a portfolio with them.’ One thing that does hold me back is the lack of funds. I am a college student, so I don’t have much time or money to use to get out there and explore the modeling world. If you could help me out in any way possible that would be great. I will do anything and work very hard to accomplish my dream of someday becoming a model. 

If all the agencies are saying you need to update your portfolio then you should. How much were they charging and more importantly, were they going to sign you afterwards? If the agency had no intention of signing you and was charging you more than $100 then forget it. You should find yourself a photographer who will work you on ModelWire Network. Be proactive and find professionals who are near you and start collaborating with them. I do like your look, so when you have added some new pics to your portfolio you should approach The Rock Agency. They are a great agency near you that could definitely get you working.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!
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