Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Our Featured Members for August 2011

As our membership continues to grow, we keep discovering new and exciting talent!  We're excited to introduce you to our Featured Members for the month of August.  This month we held another Facebook contest to find our Featured Photographer - thank you to all who participated!  Remember - we love getting your input.  If you feel you should be a featured member or have some favorites, please email us at

Model of the Month:  Afua

Why Modeling?
Modeling gives me a way of expressing myself.  You can tell a story without saying a word.  
What do you look for when selecting a photographer to work with?
I look for unique, fresh, clean and simple style.  And most importantly, we have to benefit from each others work.
What products can you not live without?
Water and Shea butter.
What is your personal style?
I would say simply Afua.  I like it vibrant and fitted.  But when formal, I like it classic - like ying and yang. 
What is the genre your work focuses on?
I focus on Commercial; however, I am very flexible.  I never limit myself.

Photographer of the Month - Anjelica Jardiel

Why photography?
I came upon photography when I was a junior in high school, newly introduced to the blog world.  I brushed it off as a phase for the first few years, but through my years of self-evolution, it's the only thing that stuck with me and had the ability to satisfy the way my mind works.  It's more than just a career - it's a lifestyle that's helped me grow into myself.
Who is your favorite photographer of all time?
I have two (ultimate) favorite photographers - Nan Goldin and David LaChapelle.  Goldin for her rawness, her edge, and her honesty.  She made a name for herself through photographing her friends, and that is how my passion began.  I love LaChapelle for his conceptual genius, deliciously saturated color, and omnipresence in popular culture.  In the future, I hope to spark as much inspiration and emulation as he has.
 What inspires you?
I am inspired by new experiences, new people, lasting friendships and love.  I am inspired by the masters who came before me, and the great photographers of today.  I am drawn to the quirky, the cute, and the edgy (although I am uncomfortable with the word).  I am in awe of my dog who greets me everyday with unconditional happiness and the softest, most well-conditioned fur in the world.  
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project has to be my INVASION performance art piece that took place in July at LA's Downtown Art Walk simply because I've never done anything like it before.  It took months of preparation and tons of baking, but it came together as a spectacle of 23 girls in pink dresses, painted tears, hundreds of sweets, and trails of glitter.  It was my first performance art piece that involved more than just myself, let alone 22 other people.  While there are several things I would do differently next time, the participants had a great time, and we made a subtle impact with our feminist-inspired silent protest that embraced the stereotypically female, yet demonstrated our discontent.
What genre does your work focus on?
This is something I struggle with.  I enjoy shooting any living thing or situation - from dogs to old Filipino women to high-fashion models who look hung over.  If I had to describe my work, I would say that half of it is stylized, documentary portraiture, and the other is conceptual fashion portraiture.  I want my portraits to show the subject a side of themselves they would not otherwise see.  The ultimate goal is to create images that speak to people, the way music speaks to people.   

Wardrobe Stylist of the Month - JReyes 

Why wardrobe stylist?
I was basically inspired by all the editorials, better known as "style essays" that Vogue produces every month.  There's something about creating a story through photographs, sans words, and it's not just about the end product, but the blood, sweat and tears that go into every production.
Who is your favorite wardrobe stylist of all time?
Without a doubt, I have to say Grace Coddington.  Majority of the style essays in Vogue was her concoction.  She has a way of being able to effortlessly tell a story and make people's jaw drop.  Add to the fact that she's the only staff member who can stand up to Ann Wintour, another inspiration of mine.
What inspires you?
Everything.  That's what fashion is all about anyway.  It doesn't simply revolve around clothing and apparel alone; it encompasses every single aspect of what we do in society.  It could be from books or news stories or from paintings and other forms of art or simply from what people do everyday.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I look for someone who can really portray my ideas.  I want someone who's beautiful, whether male or female.  I want the model to share my ideas and vision, which goes beyond that person and myself.
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
During an after-gala for a fashion show, I enjoyed myself a bit too much that I started dancing on the runway.  Right at the end of the catwalk, the designer whom I met moments ago was looking at me and laughing.  She had the same reaction when I talked to her before my group and I left.  It was totally out of character, and up until now, she still remembers that night.  

Makeup Artist of the Month - Arielle Packman (Angel Faces)

Who is your favorite makeup artist of all time?
Laura Mercier because she can make any color look beautiful on, and she knows how to make a woman look her absolute best.
What inspires you?
Anything or anyone that gets my creativity flowing - people like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Barbie and Adolphe-William Bougereau Angel paintings.   
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
Just last month, I did a shoot where I put rose petals around a model's eye!  I'm happy it turned out well.
What gesture does your work focus on?
Beauty shots!
What is your most embarrassing moment professionally?
When I first started out, I messed up doing false eyelashes, and I needed a model who was there to help me.  I went home after the shoot and went on YouTube to learn how to do it right and I've gotten much better results ever since.  Gotta love YouTube! 

Hairstylist of the Month - Bruce Kushnick

Why hair styling?
I love hair.  There are so many variations in texture and thickness of hair.  I love the challenge of creating something new for a client and making them feel confident about the way they look
Who is your favorite hair styling of all time?
My favorite hair stylist of all time has to be John Sahag.  I love his modernism; he always pushes himself to come up with something new.  I think the only time I saw him do a classic hairstyle on Anna Wintour.
What do you look for when selecting a model to work with?
I look for a model who is also an actress.  Someone who can create a personality for the look she is wearing.
What product can you not live without?
I love AG's recoil leave-in conditioner.  It removes frizz from curly hair.
What is your favorite project you have worked on?
My favorite project was shooting at the Waldorf Astoria with the gorgeous Nathalia.  A beautiful person inside and out.



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