Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designer GABBITA is Offering MWN Discount

GABBITA is an elegant luxury fashion atelier offering Noche, Gabbita Swim, and Gabbita Little Girls.

Noche, exclusive evening wear, is inspired simply by the elegance of femininity. These designs embrace the contour and beauty of you with a unique flair offered in an enchanting array of colors to accentuate your individuality. Noche is 100% handmade by our artisans in Colombia, South America.

Our artisans at GABBITA, are skilled with masterful knitting and crochet techniques passed down through generations giving each piece an identity all its own. Finished with stitch and appliqué becoming nothing less than an intricate work of art.

Gabbita Swim evokes sophistication for the modern woman. A luxurious detail such as a hand beading, unique appliqués like Swaroki Crystals, exquisite fabrics and sensuous silhouettes delivers the elegance of GABBITA. 

Gabbita Little Girls is adorably sophisticated. Each piece is handcrafted with a sincere devotion to every detail. These charming dress and swimwear collections encapsulate classic timelessness appropriate for every occasion a little girl would attend and will endure ever so gracefully through the years. 

Tell us a bit about your company.
Our designer Juliana Rojas is originally from Colombia. After getting so many compliments about her work in the States, she decided to convert her talent/gift into something professional. In September 20008 Juliana created the GABBITA Company as an American brand name, breathing life into all of her exclusive, sexy and sophisticated designs.

What inspires your designs?
Coming from a different country like Colombia, traveling around Europe, living in the United States, loving fashion, and above all, always being attracted by what is different, gave Juliana the opportunity to create her own style - GABBITA. 
Her eternal inspiration has been in what you can find in exotic places, animals, and flowers. There are so many unique colors, textures, shapes and themes in the world and Juliana always wanted to create designs that bring that special touch that only nature can bring. Creating art, trends and style for women, who love to be sophisticated, different and sexy at the same time.
Every line in GABBITA has something unique. Noche means being different, unique, is a timeless piece of art where most of the designs take around 3- 4 weeks to be made just by one person. It’s handmade work, art like crochet and knitting techniques, totally elegance when we add to all our gowns swarovski crystals and most of the dresses show the beauty of a woman's shape.  
GABBITA SWIM 2012 " Exotic Escape" is Juliana’s new collection and is totally inspired on what the jungle is and what is brings. The textures of all the fabrics ought to remind you of animals like crocodiles, snakes, and birds. All the colors go with the elements of earth. Juliana found the perfect balance of the beauty of a wild jungle to the realistic and modern women who will wear the designs.

How did you find out about ModelWire Network?
We got to know about ModelWire Network because we work with lots of models for fashion shows, photo shoots, campaigns and one of them recommend us this site as a good tool for the fashion industry. GABBITA is always open to collaborations! Our next event will be in Ojai, CA presenting our collection at The Michael Bolton Charities, where a lot of celebrities will be attending. We are also opening our new show room in Miami, Fl on Dec 2011and planning to open with some great fashion shows.

Tell us about the special offer you are extending to MWN members.
We invite members from ModelWire Network enjoy our designs by giving members a 45% discount by going to our website and retailers for a two month period. (Sept – Oct). Contact us at info@gabbita.com or just send us a message through our MWN profile.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with members?
We respect and appreciate everybody's work especially because we know how much you always have to give as a professional to make people believe in what you are doing. The most important thing is to know your own style; stay focused on what you enjoy the most and try to learn more-and-more every day. Always try to surprise yourself first when creating something new, then you will feel more confident to show off your creations or talent to the rest of the people.



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