Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scouted: James Douglas

A midwestern modern day nomad, James Douglas not only enjoys being in front of the camera but considers himself a creative type whose mind is always churning out ideas. With a keen business sense (he's got a degree in business management) and passion for life, he lives each day with no regrets in the ever-inspiring city of New York.

Get to know one of our first members who was scouted from MWN by Scout Model & Talent Agency and how he's making his dreams come true, one gig at a time.

What made you want to become a model?

Modeling for me was more of a gradual entrance. In my teens I always wanted to pursue, but being in the market I was (metro Detroit), there was little opportunity. Since coming to New York City four years ago, while working for John Varvatos, several industry contacts suggested I develop my portfolio. That's when I really considered modeling a beneficial step to take in my personal journey. Modeling isn't something where you just get in front of a camera and magic happens.  I wanted to be challenged, always modifying to trends in the industry.  Modeling is that. Your selling yourself essentially through a variety of strong images, a strong personality, and through the nature of your work. I love the ever changing world out there and what I have to do to stay current.

How did you come across ModelWire Network?

I came across ModelWire Network through a corresponding link on ModelWire, which a former agency uses on a daily basis.

What was your experience like when Scout Model & Talent scouted you through our site? Were you surprised?

Ryan, who heads Scout, contacted me through ModelWire Network through the messaging system.  We then had a phone interview and then scheduled a time when his NYC scout Samantha and I could sit down and talk. Overall it was a fresh change that someone (Ryan and Sam) actually cared and took the time to hear me out and give great feedback. Pleasant surprise, 100% yes.
Besides getting signed by agency have you made any other connections on MWN?

Primarily on ModelWire Network I have made a lot of photographer contacts besides my great experience with Ryan of Scout. Hopefully soon we will see more! :)
What has been one of your favorite modeling memories?

My favorite modeling memory is not the highest paid or the most sought after. I do online and in-store modeling for Fred Flare, a great retailer that always helps their customers "stay cute." The whole positive executive team, especially photographer Timothy Wood, combined with my hurricane of energy create such an awesome experience!
What projects have you recently worked on or will be?

Recently I shot spots for V magazine and Glamour. Both should be the October or November 2012 issues. So excited to see them, but mostly to send the tear in a letter to my grandmother. She always loves for me to send her my work.

Do you have any advice for our members?

My best advice is analyze everything. Look at your strengths and limitations. Make decisions that are positively connected to those attributes. Follow trends, blogs, and ModelWire Network for information to help you market yourself appropriately. Also - very important - be very aware of who you are around, involve yourself with. This is a very big, yet small industry...especially in New York City.



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