Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Child Modeling: Is This What She Really Wants?

Hi Emily,

I was reading your blog today for the first time. Good for you for getting the front page of AOL exposure, enjoyed it and will return. Was wondering if you could offer some advice. I have an 8 year old niece who was, not unlike yourself, given the gift of great beauty and would love to jumpstart a college fund for her. Do you have a suggestion for a reputable childrens' agency in New York who might see me with some photos of her. I have been searching online, of course the top ones say send photos which would certainly be buried. I will be in N.Y. end of October and would love to aggressively pursue this and feel the need for appointments, know it's a longshot but feel she has something special. Any insider advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Joanne, 
It sounds from the tone of your question that you are looking to do all the legwork for your niece.  It makes me question if this is indeed something she'd want for herself.  
8 is very young to start modeling. I don't know where you or your niece resides but I would suggest starting her out in a local market first to see if this is something she enjoys. If it isn't, then she'd probably be better off getting a job elsewhere.  
Keep in mind that modeling is hard work and it's a full time job. An adult needs to be prepared to take on the full time responsibility of handling the business of a fashion career if you plan on starting her this young. 
My suggestion would be to submit her photos to Ford Models. They have a fantastic children's division and will be able to point you in the direction of other children's modeling agencies. You probably won't get your photos back but you can be assured that every photo that comes through their doors is looked at. Also, at Ford you can submit online. It's very smart that you are already looking at building a future for your niece and I love your assertiveness. Please don't forget that modeling is hard, difficult work. Make sure this is what your niece really wants before she gets eaten alive.  

-Emily Sandberg



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