Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tip of the Week: Are You Already Represented?

As you know our agencies from our parent site ModelWire are using ModelWire Network to scout for new talent. Some of our members have recently been signed and are no longer looking for representation.

No worries, we do not need to throw any going away parties for them. Just because they have been scouted from our site, does not mean they need to leave.

We created ModelWire Network for people to find representation- yes! But most importantly we created this site for industry professionals to network and communicate on a safe platform. So represented members - there is no reason you need to leave the community just because you are no longer seeking representation. Just make sure you change your Representation Status to Not Seeking so our agencies do not continue to scout you.

Here is how to change your Representation Status at anytime.

Go to your Profile Info page and click on Edit Info

Expand the Representation Tab and choose your Status

Click Save and you will no longer be visible in our scouting feature.

If you have questions please contact ModelWire Network at



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