Friday, September 9, 2011

Ask Joey: Scouting is Really Taking Off

Ok folks, this scouting feature is really taking off! I have been talking with our agencies on ModelWire and they are all very excited about this feature and some of our members have recently been scouted and signed from MWN. In fact, we are featuring three blog articles on the Industry Wire right now about three models who have been signed by MW agents through MWN. Their names are James DouglasLauren Calaway and David Namminga. All three were signed by Scout Model & Talent Agency.

If you are seeking representation then make sure your status says, “SEEKING Representation”. If you get scouted and then signed by an agency - don’t fret, you can still stay on the site. You can change your status to “NOT SEEKING REPRESENTATION” so your profile will no longer be visible to the ModelWire agencies. Check out MWN Tip of the Week: Are You Already Represented? 

I expect everyone’s profiles to be completely filled out and looking professional.

I have this crazy hobby and want to continue to improve at it. My problem is our setups are getting more extreme and I want to find the best models possible without losing money at this. I'm lucky I make a living at being a video engineer so this is just fun. I guess my question is how do I get into agency models without spending agency rates? I waste a ton of time on MM and CL with mixed results.

First of all Jeff I am sure you waste a lot of time on MM and CL, they may have a lot of people on those sites, but most of their users aren’t professionals. That is why the MWN staff manually approves everything on our site, to make sure that our site maintains quality of our parent site, ModelWire.
Anyways, you have an amazing portfolio that showcases how creative you are. You need to get to know your local agencies. Build up those relationships and ask if you test their young models. Obviously, you can’t charge for your work but they should allow you to test their models for free. Start calling up some of the agencies from ModelWire Fashion Directory and schedule yourself some meetings.  

Question 1: I was wondering if you would take another look at my portfolio when you get time. I added some different looks and I want your opinion if I'm heading in the right direction with my look.

I do like the other looks, as they prove that you can show some emotions in your photos - however, they look dated. Were they shot a long time ago or are they new photos? You need to take some updated/current photos of yourself with a couple different photographers. Start showcasing a variety of shoots in your portfolio.
Question 2: I've been wondering about something lately. I was on the internet just browsing at all the old cigarette ads and commercials, also alcohol & beverage ads from the 60's up to maybe 10 years ago. I must have counted thousands of modeling jobs that existed back then for these kind of ads and billboards that simply are not available to models anymore. Do you think that the absence of these modeling venues have damaged the marketplace for models trying to break into the business?
It’s true all of those ads generated a lot of money for the industry and we no longer have that avenue. But there wasn’t a lot of men’s fashion being advertised in the 70s. Though we may no longer have the abundance of cigarette and alcohol ads we now have menswear, so it balances things out.

Can you look at my profile and let me know what I can do to better my profile?

Basically Charles, you need to get out there and start testing with different photographers. All of your photos are Digital Polaroids, which are good because agencies need those, but you need to show that you are serious about your career. You do that by showing multiple photos from different photographers. 
And please fill out ALL of your sizes - that is another way to show that you are serious about your modeling career. You live so close to NY so you have no reason why you can’t find a professional team to work with.  

I am seeking representation and I also would like a feedback on my look.

If your photos are all current and up-to-date, then I really like your portfolio and I think it is ready for you to start showing it around to agencies. So get out there and start finding yourself a Los Angeles based print agency. Make sure you check out the ModelWire Fashion Directory.

In the meantime,
Have a successful day!
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