Friday, September 23, 2011

Ask Joey: Work, Work, Work!

Once again most of these questions could be answered if these members would actively use this site. People – you can’t just join the site and be stagnant on here. This site will only work if you are active members. Request connections/friends, start conversations, get involved! If you want representation, then have your entire profile filled out. Start outreaching to agencies on your own by going to ModelWire’s Fashion Directory. Work, work, work!

My name is Caleb. I am 19 and live currently in Los Angeles. I was wondering if you have any advice on how I could really get into the modeling industry, whether it be a person I could specifically contact, or agency, or a good way to approach both.  

I like your look. Have you tried to make any appointments with any agencies or hit some open calls? You could use more photos in your portfolio. Less sporty shots - get yourself in a suit and tie to round off your book. Hook up on ModelWire Network with a few photographers for test shoots. Then get proactive and hit up the agencies.

I am French and I have been living in NYC for a year, and I am a model with 10 years experience in prints and TV commercials. I work with Bella Agency in NYC, Mega Model Miami, but I am trying to find an agency in LA, with no success yet. I have sent emails to introduce myself, but they never reply. 

You need to ask Bella to find you an agent in Los Angeles, that’s what a mother agency normally would do. They are in on the loop and also collect commission for placing you, so you need to find out who they work with on the west coast. Most agents want to work with talent that live in their market, so it may take some time, but you have a great look, so be patient.

I would appreciate your feedback on what you think of my look and what you think what type of modeling I should go for. I feel like my short height of 5'5"" has been holding me back from doing much. 

Your height would only hold you back from fashion modeling, but you have a great commercial look and could easily do print and TV work. Take some acting lessons and get yourself an agent to represent you for TV commercials and print.

I wanted to ask some advice from you - basically, I've got everything to be a fantastic model but the height - I'm 2-3 inches too short. I love modeling and fashion - it's one of the only times someone can be "living art," but I've been pursuing this for 3-4 years now with no success. Honestly, should I just chalk this up to an impossibility, due to my height? 

Yes, your book does not make you look good which is one of the biggest reasons you have had no success. You only have one photo in your book that shows that you are a beautiful girl so throw out all of your pics and go commercial. This is not an art form that you can just do as a hobby. If you want to make money then start doing commercial work. You need to start testing with a great photographer, hair dresser and makeup artist and get some beauty shots in your portfolio. You also need to start studying acting for commercials. You have been going in the wrong direction for the past few years.

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