Monday, September 26, 2011

Booked for Myspace Relaunch

This week I went to my booking for the Myspace Relaunch at Highline Stages in Manhattan, NY. My booked time was 2:45 pm sharp, it was raining and I still arrived on time. The producer who contacted me about this was very excited to see me when I entered Stage A, my booked studio. I had to create a myspace account because this will be featured on myspace, I actually had to create one on his laptop in Stage A, before I went to Hair and Make-up!  After, I signed in to confirm my showing up for the booking and received my call number. I was number 006.

On to Hair and Make-up - fun fun fun. The MUA was amazing! See was tall and had really long hair, and the best of all she used to be raw and now she's a raw vegan - or as she quoted '60% raw' as well as a vegan. She put a really natural coverage on my skin, the color of my skin is olive so its hard to match the tone(s) of olive skin unless your a very experienced MUA, as she was. I never get to see what she's putting on my face or what I even look like until the finished product or until she's done. When I looked at the finished product I was blown away. Whatever she did to my eyes, they were so seductive, and my lips were like a wine color, and my skin, it was so clean it looked like I wasn't wearing any foundation or concelar. The blush was like wine and desert sand. I say the overall look was romantic beauty.

Then she also did my hair. I went for a dramatic hair style yet classic. It was all down, and she put a curling iron on the ends and parted the front center and curled all around my head, then fixated the curls with her hands until it was perfect. It was very classy, it was like a movie star hair style because I was going to be infront of the camera.

After that I went into the sound stage to get my microphone set up to me. It was put inside my dress around the bra area in the front, and then a tiny black cord was pulled from inside my dress to my back and another microphone was attached to the back of my dress on the inside. I felt like a reality tv star!

I had to do a few photo shots with the clients before I went on camera. It was on a white back drop which was huge like from the ceiling to the ground, with lots of umbrella lightings that were peircing white lights. Then they did some takes of me before we got started, 'Model Nomi Worth take 1', 'Model Nomi Worth take 2', and so on. Finally they were ready, and the show went on.

I gave an amazing insight on my model life, my career goals in modeling, and what the future was for me in the modeling industry. They were so interested, so I knew I was performing well. When I finished, I went over to the catered area to get a little bite to eat and one of the clients from Myspace watched me the entire time while I was on camera and said I did and excellent job. He gave me even more of an idea of what I'd be seeing when this relaunch would go live and featured on Myspace, and told me what a great addition I'd be to their relaunch. He finally said I was an excellent example of what to do when we both went back to Stage A and talked with the producer.



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