Friday, September 30, 2011

Ask Joey: Photo Approvals Are Getting Stringent

Heads up folks! ModelWire Network’s photo requirements are getting more stringent. The agencies love the scouting feature and are requiring the MWN team to up their game on photo approvals. We understand that there are a lot of folks on here that just started out and we want them on here, so they can build their portfolios and find connections, but at the same time this platform is for professionals.

Some people are going to get hurt feelings and we are not saying you can’t be a part of the modeling industry, but we will not approve any photos that could be detrimental to your career. There are enough sites out there that don’t care and we will not be a part of it. Yes professional photos are hard to come by in the beginning but if you are serious about this business then you should have them. If you are a model who is looking for representation then you should also have Digital Polaroids in your portfolio. Anyone can take those for you with any digital camera, but they have to follow strict guidelines.

I've been shooting for a little while now out here in LA and have made some connections here at the boutique agencies (Q LA, Pinkerton, etc). My goal is to eventually move into well paid ad campaigns. My understanding is that, if you work with an agency you can develop a relationship with the bookers (which I'm already starting to do), and they eventually help you out by recommending you to their paid clients. The current sentiment among photographers (on ModelMayhem at least) is that this is a myth. While I do love shooting with agency models, I'm really looking to push into ad campaigns sooner as opposed to later. Any advice on that?
Also, do paid tests actually occur in major markets? It seems every agency I reach out to wants free tests.
Finally, I'd love to hear what you think of my portfolio. I keep my website more up to date, it's 

It is not a myth that if you work with agencies they could pass you along to paying clients, but I wouldn’t count on that. I am sure it happens, but in order to get well paid gigs you need to have representation. It is by having an agent that you get big projects.
 Working with the agencies is how you can build your portfolio and prove that you can work with high profile models. So continue to work and build your portfolio.
 I do like your photos, but you need to categorize your book. You should have editorial, beauty, fashion and commercial sections – not all of them mixed in with another. Start there and then start pursuing agencies that rep photographers. I think you are ready.

I really do need help and advice. I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel like I have done all I could to get noticed and live my dream but it doesn’t seem like anything is working. I most defiantly would love to use your advice and help! 

I see why you are having a hard time finding your fit in this industry. You are kind of in-between standard sizes for modeling. You are not tall enough for plus size but your portfolio feels like you are a standard plus size model. What time of advice did your former agents give you? I would classify you as a commercial print model.
 You need to get a background in acting so you can start auditioning for commercials. I would also advise you to build up variety in your book. Start reaching out on MWN and find some photographers, makeup artists, stylists and hairs stylists who will help you punch up your portfolio. Then check out ModelWire Fashion Directory and start reaching out to local Toronto agencies.

I appreciate your offer to glance over my portfolio. I would love any feedback I can get. I haven't been modeling for long and kind of just fell into it through my girlfriend. I am just now looking to try to work on my portfolio and get some more work. 

You have a great commercial look and I am surprised that you just started modeling, because already you have a decent portfolio. You should team up with some professionals from MWN and get some more variety of shots in your book. You have the beach lifestyle photos covered so move from there.
I think that you are good enough to start working in LA, so get out there and find yourself some representation.

I'm interested in connecting with NYC agencies for representation. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

I am shocked that you are not represented - you have a great look. Have you seen any of the agencies in NYC yet? Because there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an agent. You have a great portfolio. Make sure you fill out your About Me section. Everyday our agencies are going on MWN to scout for new talent and they read those. I am sure someone is going to pick up soon. 

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