Friday, September 16, 2011

Ask Joey: ModelWire Network Celebrates Its First Anniversary

I can’t believe it but ModelWire Network is officially a year old!
For those who were with us from the beginning, I want to say thank you. We have gone through some major enhancements and development since our launch and I am thrilled to have been a part of it. People have agents because of our site and some of our members’ portfolios have blossomed since joining our site. I am excited to see how this next year will go.

I have never blogged before but last year I thought I would give it a whirl. I have to say, I think my voice has improved since the beginning. You tell me. Here is my first ever blog post: Who is Joey Hunter
Granted, I was just introducing myself, but I think I have come a long way. I have answered 147 members’ questions. Don’t believe me? You can go back and count up all the names.

In all sincerity - thank you ModelWire Network Members. This site was created for you and because of you I am here today and get the privilege to help encourage you all.

I'm having a hard time just getting started with modeling. I am signed with Youth Talent Connection for acting, but my agent feels I'm in an odd place right now because I am having to go for roles between the ages of 18-22yrs. Though I'm 18, I look too young for the role when being compared to the other girls.

So I figured I would go back to my modeling career. I went to Barbizon for modeling classes when I was 13, but never pursued it much because I was a competitive gymnast and always on the road with that. Since I've stopped competing I now have the time to really pursue my modeling career. My only thing is I'm 5'3”, and just about all of the modeling open calls I've been told that I need to be at least 5'8”. Are there any modeling agencies for shorter models that I could possibly contact? I've been told I photograph tall if that helps at all. 

I would say to stay with the acting route. Have your agent send you out for 16-18 year old roles instead of 18-22 years. Personally you look your age and you need to forget getting to the fashion side of modeling. You have a commercial look and definitely do not have the sizes for fashion.

I have been a makeup artist for over 25 years but recently have gone full time.
How do I get my name known in the big modeling circuits and ad campaigns? 

Start making friends with your local fashion agents and offer your services for free. Get them to allow you to work with their new models. Work on that relationship where they can start allowing you to test their more established models. Network – get your book out there and find yourself someone to represent you. You do great work!

I'm a makeup artist based in NYC and have been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years.
I've been wondering if there is a possibility to work as a Ford artist?
Please take a look at my work and give me advice. 

Your stuff is very edgy. Call up Ford and get them to meet you. Get aggressive.

I am 5'5” and I have been modeling since I was 16. I am currently 25, but most agencies don’t work with models under 5'7-5'8. Do you think if I developed a strong enough portfolio which represents the markets that I’m capable of penetrating as a model, that they would then consider making me apart of their agency? By markets which I can model in, I am talking about jeans, jewelry, sunglasses, make up, sports gear, etc... 

You have a great look, but all of your photos are the same sexy shoots. Take some pictures with your clothes on like sportswear and business attire. Get more commercial - less playboy.

I began modeling in January of this year. So far I have dabbled in both modeling and acting; and I have fallen in love. I know this is where I am meant to be, but I am not quite sure where in the industry yet. What I really want to know from you, is where do I fit? 

You have a great commercial look. Get yourself to Los Angeles and check out the ModelWire Fashion Directory. I am sure there is an agent who would love to sign you. You should also get more photos with more clothes on as well. Remember - fashion is about the clothes.
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!
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