Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolita PARIS Fashion Week Casting

 Today I went to a casting for designer Dolita from PARIS. Hence the name, she called me fabulous and she said I look fabulous 'tambien'. Located in the Upper East Side or some may argue in Midtown East according to street number, I sat next to a model also signed with my agency and the competition was on. On like I'm ready to work. 

I loved the talk about Manhattan and how they torture models because most are so non enjoyable of their lives. But that's just Paris' take on Manhattan, probably due to the demand for utmost competition continuously. Yet despite all that was said in the past, we still love modeling. So, I did not mention my other agency since I was sent on the casting from a later agency. Remember my tip from last weeks post about 'agency interference'? 

I distinctly remember this beautiful red dress that was hanging on the rack behind her head on a plaque. It was so fashionable and I'd be the perfect model for it. She should book me just for that - possibly even trade it to me. I love Paris, so the thought of going there after attending a casting by Dolita PARIS is just divine. So fashionable, she even said 'happy fashion week' when we avoir'd goodbyes to each other. I just love modeling in the city, lol!



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