Friday, September 30, 2011

Tip of the Week: Digital Polaroids

Here at ModelWire Network, we ask that all photos be professionally shot, with the exception of Digital Polaroids. These are important photos for any models who currently do not have representation. Anyone can look amazing when their hair and makeup has been done and the photo has been touched up.

Agencies require all models they are inquiring about to take Digital Polaroids, as they need to see how they look like in real life - with NO Makeup on and with their hair NOT all done up.

If you are seeking representation then improve your portfolio by including professional Digital Polaroids that abides by these guidelines:

Headshot: Close-up of the face, clean without makeup and no smile
     Profile: Side view of the face with hair pulled back
Bodyshot: Full length photo showing the form of the body

-        All photos need to be taken by someone else – NO self taken photos.
You should wear form fitted clothes or swimwear – NO Lingerie.
These photos require NO posing.
And finally, the photos need to be taken in front of a plain background – preferably a blank wall.

If you have questions please email

Photos courtesy of Alexis Spoden



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