Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion & Beauty Week Spring 2012

"Where fashion and beauty collide on the runway." This week I attended a casting for the Fashion & Beauty Week Spring 2012 runway show. I was the only model from Ikon that was casted for this show, great for me - especially for my chances of getting booked. I stood in front of about six different casting directors who made me walk a total of seven times before they said 'good, much better'. The head director liked my hair and asked how many different ways I can wear it for their show. That's an excellent response for a model to hear or be told. I was directed many times as I was doing my runway walk to 'kick my feet forward' while I walk. Or to 'push my shoulders back', to 'hold my head up straight and look forward', and to 'slow down the pace' while I walk. I was finally told to 'hold my pose for about a minute' before I turn around to walk in the other direction.

To be quite honest they almost never tell a model how to perform their runway walk while they are at the casting, however, since the instant response was that they were pleased at what they saw when I walked through the door, I should admit that they indeed did like me. You should probably practice your runway walk ahead of time before you go to your casting. Especially when it's a casting or casting's for Fashion Week like the many that I've gone on. If you feel that your getting nervous while at a casting just try to pace yourself and not let it show in your body posture or in the sound of your voice. Most casting directors ask you a lot of questions and stare at you directly in the eye. I'm pretty sure they're making sure that you are ready to work if you are booked. So be ready when you walk through the door at any and all castings. Don't do what I do and just go there sporadically and let them do the casting for me.

I also get something I like to call a 'double casting' because while I am at the casting, the director normally looks at me from head to toe and ask 'Would you be interested in modeling for our new swimwear we just designed for Sports Illustrated?' That's very good if they see other castings or bookings for you after seeing you in person. I was also shown a dress they designed for O Magazine and was then asked if I would be interested in modeling for future designs. That's two extra castings they just told me about before they even contacted my agency.

This is the way to do it, make yourself marketable so you can get more work. Your agency will be very pleased with you and so will your manager! I wore an amazing black dress from American Apparel to this casting, so that I could beat the competition. I was excited about the casting so I knew that if I went there with my excitement I make the casting directors feel that Im the right model for their show, then they could book me.



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