Thursday, September 8, 2011

Give Up the Plastic Bags and Get a Maptote

Plastic bags are being banned in different cities in the US and we all need to get on board with this movement. So when you start converting to grocery totes, make it personal and make it a Maptote.

Maptote is one of those companies that you can really get behind. First of all, it is ran and created by a married couple who decided to combine their degrees, Fashion Design and Cartography, to make a business where they both could use their talents.

Maptote owners Michael & Rachel 

And they use 100% US cotton! All fabric is cut, sewn and printed in Brooklyn and you can see in their blog they are very hands-on with the entire process.

Don’t fret - they make more than just totes they also make the following:     


Zip Pouchs

Baby One-Pieces


Wine Totes


If you like Maptote on Facebook then you get a promotional code – start shopping with a friendly discount.



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