Monday, October 3, 2011

Fitted for BK Fashion Week (end)

This week were the fittings for BK Fashion Week (end). Mine was on Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm. I sat in a very crowded room while I waited to be fitted as well as for the designers to arrive. The fitting was very prolonged and a tad bit unorganized, probably because this is a non-for profit event/organization. The fitting took place in Brooklyn in the Fort Greene area.

I was excited when the designers finally arrived so I could leave this crowded room. When the designer stepped into the room and called me I said "finally!". There were alot of her design team members in the room to choose the best look for each model. I stood there with only my underwear on!

I was given a very classic look to wear for this designer. I had on white high waist pants and a cropped ocean and yellow colored jacket. I walked a few times with the outfit on, they corrected a few things while I was walking, which was to just 'walk slow' and 'look forward, not up'. After walking in my outfit they took some polaroids for the designer to keep in her records and then they took down some of my info. Which was my name as well as my telephone number, my email address, and also my shoe size.

As I undressed I gave the same info to another member from the design team and put my normal clothes. Though the show is not open to the public, I'll be walking in the show this Sunday!



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