Friday, October 21, 2011

Ask Joey: Top Ten Excuses Agents Will Give You

  1. You are too short
  2. You are too tall
  3. You are too commercial
  4. You are not editorial enough
  5. We already rep a model that looks like you
  6. Your look is not selling its out dated
  7. You are too exotic looking
  8. You are not exotic looking enough
  9. You need more pictures
  10. We love your look! You are amazing!!! But….we can’t take on any new models at this time.

Those are just some of the excuses that an agent will give folks that they do not think should be in the modeling business, but are better suited for telemarketing.

I would love some constructive feedback on my portfolio. I am actually in search of representation and if there are some things I should tweak it would be greatly appreciated.

Your book is ready to present to agents. You have all the right stats. Start making appointments. If you do find an agent know that they are going to have you re-do your book, only because agents like to believe that they ‘create’ models and are God.
Can you please look over my pictures I am currently working on 5 more projects until Sept and then I want to look for an agency to sign with.

What are you waiting for? Get out there! I really like your look and your book is great! Use our fashion directory to make meetings for yourself. It is always best to meet in person.

I am new to the industry and would like some guidance as to agents, casting agencies, etc. I am looking to get into print and commercial.

 Jon, you live in the largest commercial market in the world. At the same time it is the toughest market, as every actor/model in your age group is also looking for work. Another disadvantage is they have been doing this their whole lives. It is hard to break in at your age, but if you have the desire, go for it. There is always room for one more.
Get the Ross Report for actors and casting directors and go to the MW directory and find yourself a commercial print agent.

I have inspired to be a model since the age of 10 - I am 25 and I am still trying. I’m working on my portfolio right now. I really wish I could freelance and get jobs with clients directly because it’s been so hard for me to land management with an agency. I want this full time and to make a name for myself. I feel I have what it takes. May you look at my portfolio and tell me what I am lacking? I would appreciate any feedback you have. What do the agencies need that I am not providing them? How do I get signed? How do I get jobs?

 You are too short for fashion.  Your portfolio is going in the wrong direction. Your book is too glamorous, when it needs to look and feel commercial. I love the pictures, but they will not sell you. I know you see yourself like this, but get real and do more lifestyle shoots.

I am actively seeking representation and employment as a model. Based on your experiences, I know you can definitely help me get work, as well as keep me in the industry

First of all I can’t help you in the industry, only you and you alone can make this happen. I would advise you to test, test, test and test some more. You live in NYC and have no excuses for why you aren’t working all the time. You are more of a commercial type than fashion. Once you have a solid book then you should start making appointments with some commercial print agents. You should also take some acting lessons.

In the meantime,

Have a successful day!

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