Monday, October 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

We all know that Marc Jacobs is brilliant and carousels are amazing - what is mind blowing is when you combine those two with a fashion runway show! At the close of Paris Fashion Week Marc Jacobs presented his Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

This collection revealed an innocent look into classic feminine beauty. From the unveiling of the carousel to the feathered frock that Kate Moss showcased. The collection is full of over sized lace, sparkling headbands and multi shades of frosted fabrics.

Please watch the show in its entirety! I have watched this video clip over & over and I have yet to get bored or irritated by the beautiful whimsical music. 

Thank you Marc Jacobs, for sharing your brilliant designs! But most importantly, 'Who is getting the Merry-Go-Round and how can I ride it?' 

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