Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ouch! You're Pulling My Hair!

I had totally forgotten about some of these horrors of modeling until I read a post on Chrystal Copland on Huffington Post yesterday.

I remember my own hair losing 1/2 it's fullness in a season. I kept mine fairly short because by the time the next season rolled around my hair wouldn't have had a chance to grow back yet.

Over processed hair would break off from being pulled and yanked into submission.  Hairdressers would get so irritated when asked to be a bit more gentler because frankly there isn't much that can be done.

Shows are back to back and models run from one show to the next without time to properly remove hair dos; styling gels, pins and spray before they get into the next hair dressers chair. In an effort so save time when changing hair dos, water is applied to dried gel and brushed out. Massive amounts of heat and hairspray are used to get a curl to take when the hair is lifeless from being overly styled.

And the pins. Countless numbers of pins are placed in the hair. I have a thick scull (pun intended) and pins scraping it don't bother me. What did was the pushing of pins through strands of hair. Pins are quickly thrust into the hair and the sounds of strands snapping made my chest ache.

I don't keep the same runway schedule I used to. It was hectic and chaotic but I loved every minute and much like Chrystal, I was happy to give up my 1/2 head of hair to do the work.  That's what extensions are for, right?



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