Friday, October 14, 2011

Ask Joey: Are You Ready To Meet With an Agent?

Every week I try my best to answer every member’s questions and stay positive towards their careers. This week, all of the members who asked a question could have potential if they only opened their eyes and were honest about themselves. If you read further you will see that none of these models are ready to start meeting with agents. They all need to buckle down and get serious about their career otherwise they are wasting their time and possibly an agent’s. If you are wondering if you are ready to start meeting with an agent, then make sure your portfolio is much stronger than these folks’.

Would you know of any petite modeling companies I can work along with around the New York or New Jersey area?

There aren't any agencies that only specialize in petite modeling. You need to find a commercial agent that works on TV and print. Start working on your acting and brush up on cold readings. Get more photos by teaming up with some photographers from MWN.

I was just thinking I should go to an open casting call at Ford Models this month. Do you think I have a look that they would be interested in working with?

Your look is too commercial for Ford, as you need to be at least 5’9”. The commercial end of the print and TV business is better suited for you. I do like your look and if you are willing to forget about being a fashion model then I think you can start looking for a commercial agent by using ModelWire’s Fashion Directory.

Is it okay to have a nude picture in a portfolio? It took a nude photo but I don't show private parts. I don't even show my buttocks. Once upon a time, I saw in America's Next Top Model that is it artistic to do nudes if done right. What is your response?

Right now you should focus on getting yourself more photos. It is hard to take you serious as a professional model when you have only one photo in your portfolio. As for nude photos, you shouldn't be doing those until you are established, then you can do artistic nudes.

What advice would you have for someone like me, who is 5"3? And, are my pictures well to send them to agencies?

You seem to have great energy, but your photos are over stylized. Also, you do not have enough variety in your portfolio to start sending it out to agents. You need to need to test a lot more. Get yourself some contemporary photos since your look and sizes are very commercial. Also consider acting and start networking with some photographers on MWN.

Would you mind giving me some tips on my new photos? I've been working hard on my portfolio, but I’d love a professional's point of view before I turn it in.

Your pictures are overly sexual and I am not sure if it is in a good way. You need to get into the main stream of commercial modeling if you want to work consistently. As it is right now, you have typed casted yourself by the photos you chose for your book. You should start working with professional photographers and avoid working with photographers who mainly shoot provocative photos. 

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