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Ask Joey: Make Sure They Are Legit

I am excited to see that everyone this week is gearing up to seek out representation, but just because someone says they are an agent does not mean they are legitimate. There are so many unethical establishments out there. Before any of you start setting up meetings and especially before you sign any contracts, make sure you have done your research. Find out their history. Who do they represent? What clients do they work with? Have any of their clients achieved any kind of success? If you don’t have time to do that then at least go to ModelWire’s fashion directory. I can contest that all of these agencies and managements are all the real deal. If a place doesn’t feel right then it most likely isn’t. Just because you want an agent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be picky.

That also goes for any other networking sites. I know a lot of MWN members are members on other sites, but you need to be careful. Most places claim that they have ties with agencies, but I talk to our agents everyday and most agencies are not allowed on social networking sites – especially MM. Why do you think we created MWN? We did so our agents had a place to scout talent and industry professionals could actually gain genuine exposure.

My manager/photographer sent in an application to One Source Talent. They gave me a call saying they were interested and gave me an appointment time. I went in for the appointment; it was fun and went well. The young lady that interviewed me seemed very interested, and told me some things about OST. She put me down for another appointment for a photo shoot. I need advice on how to be when I go back.

First of all, I am not familiar with One Source Talent. I tried looking them up but there are a couple different companies with the same name and they all sound like other social networking sites. In this industry is all about networking and I understand why some of our members have accounts on multiple networks, but most of them are not legit. I am not sure why a networking site would make you do an interview – especially if they don’t even have agencies using their database. MWN has over 150 agencies with access to the database and we don’t require interviews.
If they happen to be an agency, are they making you pay for the photo shoot? If an agent wanted you to sign with them they would try to get you a free test shoot. You should know that you are more commercial than fashion – don’t throw your money away. Also if your manager is also your photographer have him take more photos of you. Or better yet, get rid of him because he does not sound legit either. I don’t know many photographers who are also managers. They are either a manager or a photographer not both.

I am currently seeking representation in Los Angeles and New York. I am with Marla Dell Talent now in San Francisco, I would like for you to view my profile and tell me what you think. I would love to hear your feedback.

If you are looking to embark in the modeling industry I would start by getting yourself more photos. I like the one you have in your profile, but there is only ONE. You need to have a book when seeking out agencies. Hook up with a couple different photographers on MWN then get out there and find yourself an acting and TV agent who also has a print division. Make sure your resume is up to date.

I am definitely seeking representation & I've updated my portfolio. I'm from Delaware & it's a little more difficult to get my foot in the door in this industry. I'm hoping this network will give me the exposure I need to get a connection. Please feel free to look at my link at If you have any other recommendations, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!!

Try calling T.H.E Artist Agency or Patricia Baker of FHG Management. Both of them are great places for representation and are in your area. I think your book is ready for you to start getting yourself into those meetings.

Please review my portfolio. Thank you.

I think it is good enough to go out there and find you an agent. You live in NYC so start knocking on some doors. Make sure you are going to agencies open calls, even if you have been before. I hope you know that you look more commercial than fashion. Maybe that is why you haven’t found an agent yet.

I was wondering if I could get some advice from you as to what you think about my portfolio. I'm very new to the industry and any advice would be wonderful.

I also think your book is good enough to start looking for an agent. Don’t spend any more money. There are a few in Las Vegas. Otherwise you are close enough to look in Los Angeles. Start doing your research! As I said before, agents like looking at your photos but then will have you test with their photographers so they can say they created your look.

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