Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion and Beauty Week 2011

This past Monday and Tuesday I walked in Fashion and Beauty Week 2011 which took place in New Jersey. Jake Panico, the founding owner of FBW handpicked me from IKON. My manager was not present at both nights of FBW, however many famous faces were! Like the famous cast of Jerseylicious! The Real Housewives of New Jersey! The Italian singer from Jersey who sang his famous 'Bop Bop Americano' and many more!

Some featured designer's present were Jay Godfrey, Dolce Vita, and Ari to name a few. Interviews of the famous were done preliminary to the start of the fashion show which was closer to 8 pm. They were held in the Hair and Makeup room by a 'Fashion & Beauty Week 2011' Logo patterned wall.

Dolce Vita's collection was very boutique inspired and classy. The collection featured knee length flowing dresses and high waist bell bottom pants. The colors focused mainly around reds, animal prints, and black. The look was elegant rather than flashy. Many pieces can be worn around town or to events in the city, as well as overseas. Each item was quaintly detailed with a clean finish.

Jay Godfrey's collection featured long flowing maxi dresses and one shoulder mini dresses. The color scheme was fuchsia, magenta, floral prints, and dark purple. The overall look was formal and upscale. Dresses can be worn by elite fashionistas, style hunters, and urban stylists.

Ari's collection was for the men. The men walked down the runway in top, jacket and bottom trios of the most clean cut designs to hit the scene. Jackets were tailored, tops were simple, and bottoms were hemmed.

This is the second New Jersey Fashion Week show of its kind, 'Fashion and Beauty Week', since it began and was founded by owner, Jack Panico in 2010.



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