Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vogue-Pedia: The worlds newest PEDIA

For years we've had the classic encyclopedia, a book which contained infinite knowledge on cultures, locations, historical events and more. Then came the internet-savvy version known as wikipedia, the same thing but more user-friendly, free and easily accessible. Clearly, both carry vast levels of information. Little did the world know that the next "pedia" would be more specific but just as accessible: Vogue-pedia!

This database draws from 119 years of vogue archives, with the ability to search by designer, brand, model, personalities and beauty. When searching in any of these categories, the information is pedia-like in its information (i.e. when the contributor first appeared in vogue, date of birth, and in a models case: Photographed for Vogue by - photographers name here).

Finally, a fun database for those fashion love who wish for infinite knowledge in all things vogue!



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