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Monday, September 26, 2016

Incredible Hair & Makeup Team lead Pensacola Fashion Week to an Astounding Victory this Year!

 The annual Pensacola Fashion Week was held in Pensacola, Fl this past weekend to rave reviews, and collected an incredible amount of donations for The Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and Cats, a local animal rescue. There were over 30 designers, stores, and boutiques, and over 100 models stomping it out on the runway to raise money for our four legged friends. Tracee Dundas, founder of New Orleans fashion Week, MTV Star Dustin Zito, and me John Dye (Founder of PFW) served as the hosts, and we had the audience excited and laughing the whole time! What was most impressive though, was the many intricate hair and makeup looks conceived by a team of incredibly talented professionals who donated their time and skills to truly take this years show to the next level.

What makes a fashion show? The clothes? Yes. The models? Of course. The photographers? Definitely. But.... what would a show be without beautiful hair and makeup on the models! It is the cherry on top for a complete look to knock people out of their seat. It ties everything  together, and transforms these models into ROCKSTAR versions of themselves. We had people come from all over this year to help us with hair and makeup, some from as far as NYC! The stylists were given light directions, but were really given creative control to be able to shine, and put their spin on the minimally specified looks. This is what makes the show so incredible, you get to see such a vast array of styles and nuances. Some shows, the hair and makeup is very uniform and homogenized, but it was so refreshing to see a different look on each one of the models, it kept the audience guessing about what they would see next. 
Not only did these women SLAY the hair and makeup looks, they did so out of pocket, and without pay, for the good of the cause. We took in over 5000 dollars cash at this event, and it was the biggest single cash donation the animal rescue had ever received. They worked so hard, without breaks, for over 6 hours, just to make sure every model felt and looked confident, beautiful, GORGEOUS! They also had a way of pumping the models up while they we're in their chair, through encouraging words, compliments, and hyping them up to SLAY that runway. 

We thank the hair and makeup team for all of their hard work, their creativity, their kindness, their dedication, and all the many beautifully flawless looks they created. The show would not have gone on without you. You took a bunch of young timid models, and turned them into to superstars, We cannot thank you all enough for your contribution to this event. You can rest easy knowing your hard work went into helping raise 5000 dollars for precious rescue animals. And as my hero Rupaul says, I have one thing to say about all the hair and makeup looks this year... "You Better WORK!"

A HUGE THANK YOU TO  Leigh MaloneyAngela Preston D'AlessandroAlexandria BlackTaylor LindleyStephanie MyersEva Yuliana Vanessa Sturms Fiama Mastrangelo Melissa AnnHolly Kimble,Adrienne De La CruzAlexa KissGrace KessenKatherine Steck Ford,Kaytee TurleyJean Lowers and anyone else I missed!!! You made this show come to life!

John Dye
Founder of Pensacola Fashion Week