Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ask Joey: Making Models Feel Comfortable On Location

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I want to say thank you to Christopher Gregson, who was the second person to post a question on my profile.

His question was, "What is your advice for making models feel comfortable on location and in the studio? Do you have any tips to help them to loosen up a bit and capture them when they're most confident and relaxed?"

The key to making anyone relaxed it to talk to them. It's just a matter of taking the time to chat.

I know that seems like a no-brainer, but not enough people take the time to do this.

I would advise you to get to your set early so that, when your talent arrives, you are the first to greet them. Walk them through the set and introduce them to the crew. That way, everyone knows one another.

Keep in mind that your set is only going to be as friendly as you make it.

While your model is getting ready, talk to them. If you are doing a location shoot, then you should take them out to dinner or grab a drink with them the night before. Talk to them about the job: what the purpose of the shoot is, what the props are, and what the story is. Get to know what they are interested in, their background, their quirks, and their personality. This helps so that, when you are shooting, you already know what motivates your model and you can talk to them more openly.

As the photographer, you are the director; your job is to run the shoot and tell a story in your photos. To do this right, you need the model to trust you so they will convey the desired emotions.

By getting to know your model, you bring life to the shoot.

I hope you find this advice helpful, Christopher, and best of luck with your career as a photographer.

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