Thursday, March 21, 2013

ASK JOEY: Broaden Your Horizons!

Most of you fit into the commercial modeling category - take advantage of this. Broaden your horizons! Make sure you have a variety of photos in your portfolio.  Don't just stick to one type of look, otherwise you face the risk of categorizing yourself.  Definitely take advantage of the many opportunities commercial models can have.  Remember, you need all types of photos - business, fitness, boy/girl, family, etc.  The competition for commercial models is definitely more intense, but if you have the right look and attitude, you will land those jobs.  It won't hurt you to add more photos to your book!

I would love feedback or advice on how to really break into the industry and where on earth to start!

I really like your look. You should study acting.  You're too short for fashion but you have the perfect look for commercial and print.  I would definitely add more commercial photos to your portfolio and get an agent.  You can start by looking at our ModelWire Fashion Directory and reaching out to agencies in LA. Start scheduling meetings and going out on auditions!
I am new to the industry and have recently signed with Wilhelmina of PA.  I am a yoga instructor, certified biology teacher with a background in writing.  I am older but find no shame in that! Sometimes I find it difficult as I have an ethnic and earthly disposition that doesn't always bode well for what my agency has in mind for people my age. I am British/Native American and African American. Many industrial go-sees tend to overlook my 'look' as I am not trendy, just simply earthly. Please take a look at my portfolio - don't worry about criticism!

You are a very special type of model - and the yoga posed photos type you even more. I like your pictures, especially the ones of you smiling.  I would get more of a variety of photos.  Try posing in different outfits, situations, etc. Otherwise, you will be defined to one type of category which is a tiny part of the advertising market or one that does not exist.  Broaden your horizons!  I bet it will open more doors for you!
Hello, I am new to ModelWire Network and I see that you are the man to see for portfolio advice. If and when you have the time, would you mind checking out my page and giving me some advice on what I could do to really bring attention to myself and if you think I have what it takes to be agency represented.

You have a good look - it's very commercial. You should be able to book jobs with ease once your portfolio gets some work done. Definitely use MWN to connect with photographers in your area and start testing! Update your portfolio and get some new photos in there. Once you have a solid portfolio you can present it to agencies and get represented.
I moved to Los Angeles a few months ago to pursue commercial modeling and I am very short (5'1") but I have a huge personality and I feel like I have a good look! I am looking for representation but a lot of agencies I look into have height requirements.  Would you mind taking a look at my port and letting me know what you think and what it's lacking.  

Well I'm glad you know what type of model you are. Most models have a different image of themselves, it's refreshing to hear from someone who knows they are a commercial model. You really need to work on your book.  As a commercial type, you need to have lots of different types of pictures - sporty, boy/girl, business, etc.  Lay off on the 'sexy' photos. Commercial models need to be able to do it all. You need to have a look that everyone can relate to.  Height doesn't matter in the commercial world - an agent will represent you if you have the right look.
As a fellow Ford model I welcome any advice from you! Thank you in advance!

If you are at Ford, you're in a good place!  I love your look.  New York City is where all the work is - go out and get your share of it! Shake up your bookers and get out there!
In the meantime,

Have a successful day!


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