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ASK JOEY: Make Sure Your Book's Not All Body!

I'm back! Sorry to have left you hanging the last few weeks, but I was recovering from back surgery and out of commission. Now that I'm all patched up, let's get down to business.

Guys, this one is for you! One of the most important things for male models to have in their books is proof you take nice fashion shots! Body shots are great, and you definitely need a few, but if you want to sign with an agency and/or book jobs, you'll have to prove that you can sell clothes! If you think you might be lacking in the fashion shot department, try collaborating with a MWN photographer in your area for free. You'll both get new pics for your portfolios.

I moved from California to New York City to make a step in my careers as a model/actor. I signed with MSA Models over two months ago and have not yet had one audition. I find it hard to find work for myself in this industry, but I know have the look and ability to be marketable. What can I do to get work and add to my resume?

Many fashion agents will you you are too short at 5'10". Also, your book is primarily body shots and not high fashion so my advice would be be go the commercial and TV route. Find the right agents that handle your type in NYC. Unlike California, New York is not all about the body (including height). You have a nice look and should consider acting classes if you aren't taking them already. It just takes time so study hard and get yourself in the door of commercial agencies. You will definitely work!
I was scouted through MWN and asked to come into an open call at a boutique agency called Blaze Models. When they went through the contract with me, they mentioned several ways they would be submitting me all free except a $20 monthly fee from your parent site, ModelWire. I just wanted to make sure this is a legit fee before I pay it. I know in LA if you have to pay for something through an agency, something could be fishy.

You've got a nice look but you need to get more fashion shots in your book. Your agent will take care of that. They should help get you tested and make sure you have the right shots in your book for their market. Regarding fees, all agents charge their models to put pictures on the agency website and/or on ModelWire to promote them. This is standard. In the old days, books and model cards were sent by snail mail or FedEx and would be even more expensive. ModelWire and similar websites are actually much more cost effective and save you money in the end.
What advice would you give a Miami native who wants to make it into an agency like Ford, elite, or Wilhelmina?

All agencies, regardless of size, will be looking at your book and whether or not it works for their market. They will definitely need to see more fashion shots in your book. See if you can hook up with a photographer on MWN or elsewhere that will work with you for trade or at no charge. You an also try to find an agent who feels that you have the right look and will work on your book with you. Try making appointments will all of the agents you want to see and they will let you know what direction you need to go in to be considered/signed. If they will help you with your book, great! If they need to see more from you first, they will let you know. 
I just turned 18 and am hoping to find some modeling jobs. I will be moving to LA soon and am wondering if you can give me some pointers on the best way to get my face/name out there. I'm also a dancer and wondering about how to get jobs related to dance. Is there much of a demand for model/dancers? Any pointers or constructive criticism on my look/photos?

You have a nice look but need to get more fashion shots in your book for modeling gigs. Make appointments to see agents. In LA, you can do it all! Finding agencies that have both dance and print divisions is a great place to start, as you can have different teams at the same agency promoting you for different types of work. You can use the Fashion Directory on ModelWire as one tool to locate fashion, commercial and theatrical agencies in LA. 
I have just started modeling and find it very difficult to find jobs. What is the best way to thrive in this business? How can I search for jobs as a model? I have an agent but also look for work on my own.

The main reason you are finding it hard is because of where you live. You need to get to a market where there is more look for your type. I'm sorry to say that, but if this is what you want, start with a bigger market that's not too far away - like Dallas or Chicago. Start there and work your way to LA or New York. That is the only way you will make it happen, unless you get lucky and someone is casting the right kid of job in Oklahoma City for you. With that said, I wouldn't leave it to chance, I would make it happen! You have a good look and can definitely find work in a market with more opportunities.
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