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ASK JOEY: Niche Photo Overkill

When it comes to your portfolio and you have a niche skill or interest - fitness, dance, boudoir, etcetera - it's important to make sure that your book is not made up entirely of these types of photos. You want to make sure that you are presenting yourself in the most marketable way possible and are not limiting your opportunities in the commercial world. It's okay to pepper these shots in, but too much can ruin your entire book. If you need/want new photos, I always recommend reaching out to other MWN members and get a collaboration going! Contact photographers, hair & makeup, wardrobe, whatever you need! You're all on the site for the same reason, so get those creative juices flowing.

I am a freelance model. How do I get out there more?

To be honest, I'm not crazy about your pictures. You are a commercial type model and live in Chicago, which is a big commercial market. I would suggest getting some new pictures, definitely including some commercial head shots, and then get out there and get an agent. There are a lot in your city, both large and boutique, that you can try to meet with/submit to. Reach out to photographers on MWN and see if there is anyone in your area who has shots on their profile you like and see if they would be willing to work with you. You're in a market with opportunities for someone with your look, you just want to make sure you're marketing yourself the right way to get the jobs!
Would you mind taking a look at my profile and pictures? This is all new to me, and I'm loving it. I have done commercial extra work, however, I have little experience. I would love to do commercial print modeling. I am very energetic and have the time to travel or move if needed. Please give me your professional opinion.
You are in a small market for TV and commercial print. There's not much going on there, but definitely more opportunities in New Orleans or Shreveport, if those are commutable distances for you. You will also be competing in an age group that is packed with actors who have been doing it forever, however you photograph well. I would suggest taking some acting classes so you will be able to compete with those that have been in the business for a while. It will help you commercially.
Would you mind reviewing my portfolio? I am just getting started in the business and am actively pursuing fitness modeling, as well as seeing what other doors open up.
You have a nice look - very commercial/newscast type. Austin is a growing market, don't limit yourself to fitness. You have to do it all. I would also suggest taking a communication course or two while you're in school. Get some new pictures in different outfits - look at commercial print ads to see what people are wearing in magazines and on TV. Use MWN to find a team to work with and do a collaborative photo session then get out there and get an agent! You've got a look that will lend itself well to the commercial market, so don't limit yourself!
I recently joined MWN and it's very helpful. I am new to this and don't really know what I'm doing. I need help and suggestions on my pictures. I'm interested in commercial print work. Would you take a look at my portfolio and give me some feedback on my photos? I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have after checking out my profile. In your opinion, is my look marketable for commercial print?
I like your look - it's very commercial. You have enough pictures, and a variety, to find an agent. Luckily, you live in the heart of the industry! Get out there and make appointments with agents. They will tell you what they need to market you, and if they want you to get new/additional photos. I don't think you need to change the portfolio you currently have in order to find an agent.
I'm new to the modeling industry. I'm a professional ballet dancer and model for fun. How do I find a good photographer and find a good/unique theme for a shoot? Also, what is the best way to introduce myself to the fashion world?
Forget fashion, you don't have the height. However, you DO have a very marketable commercial look. Your pictures are too stylized like a dance. I would suggest getting some new pictures that are less dance focused. Try to set up some meetings with commercial agents in San Francisco. They can advise you on what types of pictures they need to add to your portfolio. The photos you have now will get you in the door, but you'll need to get some new ones once you're there.
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